Cristal Lemieux was an artificial nanotech being based on the powers of Sunfire and Iceman. She was created by Cerebro to act out his dream: to categorize and store all mutants.

As Crux, she believed she was a teenage French girl who was good at jumping, but her talent faded as her mutant powers grew. During a practice session with her American ice-skating rival, she melted the ice under her feet, which was witnessed by the Founder who asked her to join the X-Men.[1]

Cerebro's fake X-Men succeeded in capturing Shadowcat and defeating the real X-Men, but failed in stealing a satellite which could track mutants due to the X-Men's efforts.[2]

Cerebro absorbed Crux and the other artificial X-Men in order to gain enough strength to defeat the real X-Men.[3]


  • Thermokinesis she can control heat and sub-freezing temperatures at the same time.
    • Pyrokinesis she is able to control and/or manipulate concussive fire blasts and beams.
    • Cryokinesis she is capable of manipulating sub-freezing temperatures.And sub-freezing concussive blasts.

Real name almost definitely Crystal Lemieux ("Crystal Le Mieux", Crystal The Better, ... - see talk page; source for "Lemieux" unclear.

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