Cristu Bulat was a Romanian criminal specializing in brothels where female Eastern European abductees were forced into prostitution. A veteran of the Yugoslav Wars, it was during this conflict that Cristu gave the idea to his father Tiberiu Bulat of creating a human trafficking/prostitution ring, a more lucrative business than mercenary work.

After moving to the West, Cristu was content with his family's business until he grew wary of his father's very violent tendencies that could jeopardize their operations, which was further exacerbated by The Punisher's involvement. Eventually, he and his accomplice Vera Konstantin agreed to kill Tiberiu and takeover his father's business. They attempted to tip off some gangsters that had grudges against Tiberiu but only to fail. Knowing that his father would be on to him, Cristu held up in his retreat at Indian Lake and was protected by his men. However, he was tracked down by The Punisher, who drugged him and his men from the food that they ate. After The Punisher killed his men, Cristu was eviscerated alive by Castle for information until he died from blood loss.[1]


Cristu is an experienced former Romanian mercenary.

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