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Quote1 You have a difficult task. You are not the first Hank Pym embedded in. Some improvisation will be needed from you. Quote2


The original Criti Noll was a high ranking member of the Dard'van, a religious sect of the shape-shifting alien race known as the Skrulls. She was selected to replace Dr. Henry Pym as part of their Secret Invasion of the planet Earth.[4] However, after displaying compassion for the human race and suggesting the Skrulls halted their plans of invasion, she was killed. The Skrull queen Veranke decided to replace her with a clone.[5] In a final act of subterfuge before the invasion, the Criti Noll clone gave Janet van Dyne the "reformulated growth serum"[6] that actually turned her into the Dard'van's weapon of last resort used during the final Central Park battle of the Secret Invasion.[4][7]

Criti Noll (Earth-616) from Secret Invasion Vol 1 1 001

Changing forms

Criti Noll (Clone) (Earth-616) and Reed Richards (Earth-616) and Secret Invasion Vol 1 1 0001

Betraying Reed Richards

Tony Stark brought "Hank Pym" and Reed Richards to his lab to dissect the corpse of Pagon, the Elektra impostor, and discovered how the Skrulls were able to avoid detection. He was called away to deal with a Skrull ship that had crash landed in the Savage Land during which time Reed was able to discover how the Skrulls were able to avoid detection. Before he could disseminate the information to any other heroes, Criti Noll shot Richards with a gun that left him unable to become solid.[1]

Later, when hordes of "Super-Skrulls" appeared in New York, Criti Noll sent members of the Initiative to fight the invading forces. However, when many heroes and villains united against the Skrull threat, a massive battle began in Central Park. Increasing his size, Noll attempted to kill Janet but was punched out by an even larger Stature and then shot in the eye by Bullseye. After Veranke was shot through the face with an arrow by Ronin it became obvious that the Skrull would lose, Noll used a secret codeword to activate a chemical in Janet's growth formula, causing her to enlarge and emit purple energy: if the Skrulls could not have the Earth, then no one could.[7] However, with great regrets, Thor turned the energy onto Janet herself, vowing to avenge her. The very angry humans then finished off the Skrulls, killing Veranke and detaining many Skrulls.[8] However, Noll had escaped capture. But unlike many of the other Skrulls, who had decided to give up, Noll refused to give up and swore that the Empire would return one day. He activated Ragnarok to cause chaos at Camp Hammond.[9]

After the battle between Earth's heroes and villains and the Skrulls, Criti Noll attempted to escape but was noticed by Crusader (Z'Reg). Crusader chased Criti Noll and defeated the impostor before he could open a portal to the Negative Zone to destroy the Earth.[3]

While Criti Noll was dead her genetic legacy lives on as she conceived a child (while posing as Pym) with Greer Grant alias Tigra. Greer gave birth to a son, William. Due to the Infiltrator ritual none of his genetic material was passed on making the child the genetic offspring of Hank Pym.[10][11]



Super Skrull Engineering[]


  • Infiltration: Criti Noll was a trained Skrull infiltrator. She is capable of about everything the real Henry Pym was excelling in at the time of Duplication.
  • Intellect: Criti Noll was intellectually gifted, as she gave Janet van Dyne the "reformulated growth serum" that actually turned her into the Dard'van's weapon of last resort.



  • Yellowjacket's Suit: Criti Noll had access to Yellowjacket's costume, which gave him the ability to control insects.


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