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Criti Noll was a high ranking member of the Dard'van, a religious sect of the shape-shifting alien race known as the Skrulls. She was selected to replace Dr. Henry Pym as part of their Secret Invasion of the planet Earth.[4]

Criti Noll Human form

While undercover as an student of Oxford University, Criti Noll approached Pym when he was living in England. Feigning adulation for his past work, Criti Noll drew all of the information Pym and the human race knew about the Skrulls, then using the powers of the Hulk, knocked him unconscious and delivered him to the Skrull Empire. She then subjected herself to the transformation process and replaced Pym.[4]

House of M

When the New Avengers and the X-Men went to Genosha to decide how to proceed with the deranged Wanda Maximoff, the Skrull queen Veranke, who was undercover as Spider-Woman, ordered Criti to kill her. However, as soon as the heroes set foot on Genosha, they were engulfed by Maximoff's reality-warping spell, and all of reality was transformed into the House of M.[5] Criti Noll saw herself in a laboratory in Chicago working with Beast on a machine that would make it possible to isolate the mutant gene, despite Beast's protests that this idea was "anti-mutant." She almost lost control and fled the lab, but Veranke flew her onto the rooftop and and managed to calm her down. She was frightened by the gigantic amount of mutants in this reality, but Veranke guaranteed that there were cracks in the illusion and that this would only increase the hatred against them. After the Decimation, Criti Noll and the other undercover Skrulls met in a warehouse and solemnly celebrated their victory against the mutant population.[6]

Skrull Infiltrator ritual

Civil War

Criti Noll did her best to stir up as much discontent as possible between the Anti and Pro-Registration forces. He worked with Tony Stark, Reed Richards, and Baron von Blitzschlag to create a cyborg-clone of Thor, however he programmed it to be a weapon of destruction. The clone was called Ragnarok. It blasted a hole through Bill Foster's chest. Reed Richards and Tony Stark were devastated, for they had believed the cyborg to be programmed not to kill. Noll also appeared to have been affected by Foster's death since he was a close friend of Pym's. It is not clear if his depression was the result of having assimilated Pym's personality or if it was just an act.[7]

50-State Initiative

"Henry Pym" was appointed the leader of the new 'Hero Boot Camp' called Camp Hammond in Stamford, Connecticut, the site of Nitro's explosion that launched the whole civil war. During a training exercise, the powers of one trainee called Trauma accidentally caused Armory to lose the control of her Tactigon weapon, and MVP, one of their greatest potentials trainees was killed pushing Cloud 9 out of the way. In response, they confiscated Armory's weapon, and kicked her out of the camp. Trauma would then assume the form of a beaten Janet Van Dyne, a personal fear of Hank Pym's from an abusive stage of their relationship.[8]

Pym and the Initiative created a miniature version of the inhibitor collar that prevented the use of superpowers in certain individuals called Super-Power-Inhibiting Nanobots, S.P.I.N. for short. They managed to use it against She-Hulk and many other rogue superhumans.[9][10]

The Ultron Initiative

When Ultron merged itself with Tony Stark's body and armor[11] and broadcast a message into every electronic device on Earth, stating that the world would soon be destroyed, S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents contacted "Henry Pym" and broke apart his romantic evening with Tigra.[3] "Pym" helped the Mighty Avengers to develop and deliver a computer virus into Ultron's system, using Ares (whom Ultron had never encountered before) as the point man for the subsequent attack.[12] Criti Noll realized that Ultron discovered a weakness in Stark’s tech that the Skrulls can exploit to take down Earth’s defenses. Pym-Skrull shared this with the other members of the Dard’van sect and they agreed that it was time to bring in the Skrull armada.[4]

World War Hulk

While the Hulk and his Warbound were invading New York,[13] "Pym" started to warn the owner of a diner who once served her some good food of the Secret Invasion. The Skrull impersonating Dum Dum Dugan came and stopped her, and Criti Noll told him that the humans were not to be underestimated and that the best course of action would be for the Skrulls to leave. Dugan-Skrull called her a traitor, and prepared to battle her. Criti Noll ran into the the woods, but despite the use of all her abilities, Dugan-Skrull and a group of Skrulls posing as S.H.I.E.L.D. agents killed her. Queen Veranke decided to replace her with a clone.[3]



Super Skrull Engineering


  • Infiltration: Criti Noll was a trained Skrull infiltrator. She is capable of about everything the real Henry Pym was excelling in at the time of Duplication.
  • Intellect: Criti Noll was intellectually gifted, as he assisted in the creation of the Mjolnir Replica for Ragnarok, alongside Tony Stark and Reed Richards.



  • Yellowjacket's Suit: Criti Noll had access to Yellowjacket's costume, which gave him the ability to control insects.


  • Criti Noll was revealed as the first Pym replacement in Mighty Avengers #15 and her clone was revealed in Mighty Avengers #17.
  • Impersonating Hank Pym allowed the Skrulls' access to Ultron, which allowed them to find out that Tony Stark's Iron Man armor was now "organic" thanks to Extremis and they could use that to their advantage.[4]
  • "Pym" was given the Presidential Medal of Freedom, with Military Distinction, by President George W. Bush for his role in the battle again Hydra Terror-Carrier.[2]
  • The Infiltration Ritual worked so deeply on Skrulls that when Trauma used his powers on Criti Noll, he transformed into a beaten Janet Van Dyne which was a personal fear of Hank Pym's, from the period of his relationship with her that became abusive, rather than one of the Skrull's own true deepest fears.[2]

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