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Crom was a Tuatha de Danaan (later known as Celtic gods).[6]

He was a god of storms, death, and eternity.[6]

His sons were storm gods as well.[10]

Pre-Cataclysmic Age

Over 21,000 years ago, the new god Crom led a shaman to three iron-bound books of magic, which the shaman used to imprison Shuma-Gorath in what would become Mount Crom in Cimmeria.[11]

Age of Acheron

Crom became a god worshiped by the Cimmerians. He was invoked at least by 13,000 BC, by King Bafomai's Elite Guard, in Python, just before the Fall of Acheron.[12]

His subordinates included Morrigan, Father Lir, and Mannanan.[3]

Hyborian Age of Conan

In the town once known as Red Tree Hill, some of the townsfolk came to worship the Cimmerian god Crom when an inquisitor tried to execute captive Conan, after having slain a priest of Mitra, and was struck by lightning after Conan shouted "Crom damn you!" to his face.[13]


  • Crom did not meddle in mortal affairs,[14] nor cared for his followers away from Cimmeria[15] or even listened to them invoking his name[13] (though it was discussed whether certain events were his doing),[16] and doesn't need prayers.[17][15]
  • A Cimmerian elders' saying stated that earthquakes are caused by Crom rolling the bones of chance to decide man's fate.[19]
  • The Cimmerians didn't carve figures of Crom, as they would not presume to know what a god's face looks like, and simply set up a huge, bare stone to bow down before.[20]

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