Cronk was a member of an unknown alien race that was hired alongside many other by the Krook to defend them after they rebeled against the controlling Omega Confederation. When the Deadpool Corps arrived under the hire of the Confederation to squash the resistance, they devised a plan to double their money- both by taking over the Mercenary contracts from the Krook, and then crushing them so they could collect from the Omega Confederation. Deadpool manages to talk the Krook king into allowing them to take over by telling him they'll do it for half his price, in addition to the fame their cause would get when it was made public the (in)famous Deadpool Corps was helping them. In order to make the mercenaries leave, Deadpool must face the strongest of them in single combat- Cronk.

Cronk and Deadpool are chained together, but Wade immediatly cuts his hand off to free himself from the chain, before smacking Cronk around with the bloodied arm stump. Deadpool quickly kicked Cronk in the stomach, grabbing the chain still dangling from the alien mercenary's arm, wraping it around his neck tight, choking him to death. With Cronk's death, his fellow mercenaries abandoned the Krook's cause, and left the planet.[1]

Strength level

  • Cronk appears to have above average strength, enduance and agility compared to a Human, but the extent from which he gets naturally from his species is unknown.


  • Cronk has access to a spaceship of some kind, allowing him to travel around the galaxy for work.


  • Cronk wields a large broadsword, alongside other weapons.

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