The man who became known as the "Jive-Killer" was a criminal who, aside from some facial scars, bore a striking resemblance to popular 1940s musician who was known as the Crooner. To this end, he and his doctor friend hired a plastic surgeon to remove the scars and make the killer look like the Crooner.

As the doctor was already working as an onsite physician for the Crooner, the killer was smuggled into the shows in a spare bass fiddle case. During the Crooner's performances, the impostor would rob his fans during the performance. The Crooner would be blamed, but thanks to the fast talking of the doctor, the Crooner's delicate medical condition, and the undeniable fact that the Crooner was on stage during the robberies, the authorities had no choice but to let the Crooner go.

However, the case attracted the attention of the Captain America and Bucky who went to the Crooner's next performance to investigate. They caught the impostor as he was attacking some of his fans backstage of the show but broke it up. When the "Crooner" insisting that it was a misunderstanding, he was allowed back into the show.

When the Crooner took to the stage, his impostor attacked some guests on the balcony. Captain America and Bucky tried to stop him but failed, and he escaped. Keeping an eye on the performers as they left town, they noticed the spare bull fiddle being lugged on board their train. Cap and Bucky sneaked aboard the train and confronted the Crooner and his doctor. With no other choice, the doctor pulls a gun out on the heroes and reveals his accomplice. While they were explaining their plot, Cap unlatched the emergency roof hatch, toppling it on the doctor.

The fake Crooner killed his friend with a knife and then tried to escape through the roof hatch. Captain America gave him chase and easily beat him into submission and turned over to the authorities.[1]

His subsequent activities are unknown.




The Crooner had a number of throwing daggers.

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