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Her Majesty’s Ultra Maximum Security Prison Crossmoor is a prison for the most dangerous criminals, particularly superhuman ones, on Exmoor in Devon, England.[4][3]


Crossmore Prison was where the Juggernaut was being held in a specially built Stasis Cage. It was broken into by Vixen, Crime Queen, who was contracted to release a prisoner for one million pounds; however, this was a sting operation by the police, and she managed to escape by releasing Juggernaut from a Stasis Cage and letting him deal with the police and army.[1] Juggernaut was later mystically freed by Loki.[5]

Later, Arcade was imprisoned there after being captured by Excalibur, but he managed to have a team of robots, The Loonies, built, who went after Excalibur and succeeded in capturing them and transporting them to a custom-built world.[6] [7]

The prison also had a sub level chamber specifically built for high level telepaths, featuring psi-dampener, and extremely low frequency sonics as an irritant. They was able to imprison the Shadow King when he possessed Prof. Charles Xavier.[8][9]

Albion an alternate reality version of Captain Britain was taken down and imprisoned at Crossmoor.[10] He was later freed from prison to fight against the newly recreated combined Fury and Mad Jim Jaspers.[11]

The facility later became a prison for the mentally ill. The highest security housing was located in Wing F and Dr. Ella Whitby ran a reformation program in a wing for the psychological treatment of violent superhumans. Deadpool was one of the many patients locked up and treated at the the facility.[12]



  • Director Aimes
  • Director-General Swinton
  • Madeline, Crossmore secretary


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