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The Crow Nation is a tribe of Native Americans, who were frequently forced to relocate to different locations due to conflicts with other Native tribes. Eventually, the Crow people were concentrated on a reservation in the state of Montana by the 19th Century.

Presumably, their history is similar to that of that of their real world counterparts.

American Frontier

During the days of the American Frontier, various Crow tribes interacted with the various heroes active in the era, such as the Comanche Red Warrior]. Some of these interactions were as allies or enemies depending on the circumstances.

A group of Crow braves almost started a war between the Crow and Grey Eagle's Comanches, but the conflict was abated thanks to peace talks initiated by Red Warrior[1]. Another tribe of Crow in Arizona were having their buffalo supply hunted by an outlaw named Fuller. Fuller framed the Gunhawk with the murder of some Crow warriors and he was taken prisoner by the tribe. Gunhawk was freed by a sympathetic warrior who believed in his innocence and the Gunhawk exposed the real killers[2].

Later a group of Crow people were sold weapons and whiskey by a man they called Smoking Lion. The man in reality was Jess Kruger the bigoted mayor of Carson City who sought to start a war between the Crow and the people of Carson City in the hopes of wiping out the tribe. However this plot was exposed and foiled by Kid Colt[3]. A gang of renegade Crow clashed with Pawnee renegade Arrowhead and the US Army[4].

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