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Cru was a simple alien civilian living happily with her family, until the Brood invaded her home planet and began slaughtering and enslaving everyone on it. Although surviving their hostile encounter, the family Cru had raised was nat as fortunate.[1] Hungering for vengeance against those whom had destroyed all that she knew, Cru offered herself to be modified into a killing machine powerful enough to slaughter entire swaths of Brood hives by herself.[2]


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Genocyber Enhanced Physiology: Cru's race are a technobiological species whom carry little distinction between sapient and engineering amongst they're culture.[1] Her race's physiology is in constant communion with itself at a genetic level, each individual cell is able to act and relay information between them lot and it's hosts brain to accommodate incredible biophysical adaptation and metamorphosis.[3] In the case of Cru however, her corporeality had been considerably augmented in numerous ways for the purpose of adapting the ultimate in biotechnical combat warfare.[1] Increasing her races natural proficiency in living machine morphing. Transforming her into the ultimate hunter/killer tasked with pursuing and punishing her worlds invaders.

  • DNA Communication: The predominant trait of her species comes from their ability to consciously affect biophysical percolation through the act of consciously speaking to and willing all of their bodily functions to adhere with their conscious thought.[3]
    • Adaptive Appearance: Cru can modify her physiology at the drop of the hat both willfully and in rem state,[4] either shifting form to battle stance when chasing Brood across the stars or resuming her original form from when she was a hometown citizen back on her world.[5]
      • Shapeshifting: Cru has vast metamorphic capabilities which enable her to generate new limbs and serviceable equipment at will. It is a natural feature amongst her people which was further augmented through the technological augmentations she'd underwent to become a Brood stalker.[2]
    • Techno-Organic Constructs: Her modifications at the hands of her peoples military body had repurposed her technological aspects towards generating and augmenting mechanical mutagenic appellations to anatomic frame to make her that much more of a deadly combatant.[4]
      • Appendage Generation: The alien pursuer Cru can generate multitudinous extremital types. From extra limbs to multiple tentacles and even an entire cranium upon destruction.[6]
      • Blade Construction: Able to protrude blade edges sharp enough to rend Ms. Marvel's virtually indestructible bodily frame.[7]
      • Customization: She can utilize her mechamorphic fabricating in order to further bolster her own combat prowess, i.e. plugging a piece of Cavorite into her mechanical systems to bolster her natural ability to harness and metabolize radiant energies.[3]
      • Gun Protrusion: Cru's able to produce heavy ordinance from her arms and caste suppressive fire potent enough to crisp Brood exoskeletons.[4][8]
      • Jet Booster Fabrication: They are able to produce aerodynamic propulsion systems in order to substantiate planetary flight as well as reach escape velocity to affect intergalactic traversal.[6]
  • Energy Channeling: Cru's physiology had been tailored to harness and refashion external energy taken from ambient sources in order to facilitate her biomechamorphic features.[4][3]
    • Energy Projection: Morphing guns around it's limbs enables her to produce high powered laser emissions potent enough to stun Ms. Marvel.[1]
  • Genetic Telepathy: This hunter/killer is able to physically jack into and scan the biophysical matrixes of another individual in order to scan their minds and pluck desired memories to aid in its current quest objective.[4]
  • Physical Augmentation: Cru's super soldier processing vastly amplified her physiological performance well past the acceptable norms of any baseline human being even at the peak of their anatomical conditioning.[8] Being strong enough and tough enough to go head to head with entire hives of Brood soldiers, as well as go a couple rounds with Ms. Marvel, having matched her in a contest of physical might during their first encounter.[7] Cru also bost technically enhanced sight through which she can do an in-depth scan of individual genetic make up in order to study their physiology better.[9]
    • Superhumanoid Strength
    • Superhumanoid Reflexes
    • Superhumanoid Durability
    • Self-Sustenance
    • Bionic Senses
  • Regenerative Healing Factor: Cru possessed a recuperative skill which, as explained by Beast, far surpassed even Wolverine's ability to reintegrate damaged or destroyed bodily tissues.[8] The extent of which was so impressive that the alien hunter could regenerate her missing head after Ms. Marvel used a Photon Blast that took it clean off in one shot, again for when a piece of Cavorite Crystal blew up in her/it's face and yet they were capable of literally pulling themselves back together.[6]
  • Subsuming Transplantation: Pieces of its genetic material can be used as an easy access for Cru to hotwire the genetic makeup of affected subjects in odd yet imperative ways.[8] Through this genealogical union the bounty hunter can track and assume indirect control of an individual affected hosts biological and neurological processes in order affect self repair upon itself and/or others.[8]
    • Biophysical Possession: In the time which Carol and Cru were occupying the same meat suit, the later proved she could temporarily override Carol's control over their shared occupancy.[2] Not only gaining control over her body but also having access to all of her memories, skills and underlying abilities outside of the exotic straits her host has at her disposal.[2]


Tracking: Her enhanced cyber organic system parameters enables the tracing and locating of specified targets from across star systems to even galaxian expanses.[1]

Combat Specialist: Whilst having no formal training, Cru is adept enough in close quarters to ranged warfare that she can tackle vicious Brood spawns as well as seasoned veterans with supertropical capabilities with ease.[6]

Weapons Master: Cru's amorphous biology enables her to change & morph any manner of armory she can imagine out of her own being. From conventional to energy weaponry alongside an innate ability in knowing how to use them.[3]


Weakening Divestment: As a result of having a sizable portion of her own genetic code splice into Carol Danvers after their initial encounter.[1] Cru had lost her impressive recovery abilities when her DNA imprint for the regenerative processes transferred over to Ms. Marvel.[10]





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