Crush was a member of the Freelancers, a group of super-powered enforcers who were hired by Roxxon to shut down the protesters at the Angeles National Forest that opposed the company's intention to build a pipeline that connected their West Coast headquarters to a new deepwater drilling platform off the coast.

The moment the Champions arrived to the scene to stop them, Crush flirted with the Hulk to distract him. When both teams clashed, Crush took on the Hulk. Their battle was interrupted by the arrival of a monster that originated from the Leviathon Tide that was in the process of invading the Earth. Cyclops convinced Crush and Might, the only two remaining Freelancers standing up, to help them fight the creature. After the Champions and Crush weakened the monster, Hulk performed a Fastball Special with Might, destroying the monster's head.

Once that monster and another which followed it were defeated, the Freelancers remained behind lamenting the destruction of the drilling platform by the landing of a third monster, which would potentially cost them their paycheck.[1]

The Freelancers were later hired for other jobs, including disrupting a wage protest in Durham, North Carolina and displacing homeless people from a tent city in Los Angeles, California. The Freelancers invited two of the homeless people they displaced to their compound, and manipulated them into fighting each other, later using Panic's powers to have them tell the authorities that the Champions had assaulted them.[2]


Geokinesis: Crush demonstrated the ability of being able to mentally manipulate earth. She can alter the form of land as well as levitate chunks of soil.[1]

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