"Crusher" wanted badly to become a heavyweight boxer, and when his manager mentioned that a new company was making pills that made you put on weight instantly, he decided to break into their lab and steal the pills.

While escaping, Crusher took the whole bottle, determined to gain as much weight as quickly as possible. Unfortunately they worked too well, and he instantly began to fall through the floors. When he stopped falling, he found himself in the realm of the Mole Men, who decided to keep him for their own personal sparring partner[1].
He later trained once with Captain America, but preferred to go back to the wrestling ring[2].
Years after, Crusher was hired by Kingpin as a training partner, but he couldn't compete against him and was eventually fired[3].



Moose (Earth-616)

Moose (Earth-616) from Avengers Vol 1 7 001


Moose trained once with Crusher and Captain America[2].

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