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Cruz McIver, the son of Bushmaster (John McIver), attempted to restore his father to normal he used the family fortune to hire the Untouchables to capture people and put them through the process that Dr. Noah Burnstein used to create Luke Cage in order to perfect the process.[1]

After he was confident that the process wouldn't kill him like the other subjects he augmented himself using his father, but his plan backfired and only granted more power to his father who used that power to kill his own son, and also to drain Iron Fist of his powers, except the absorption and accumulation of so much power was too great for Bushmaster and he exploded.[2]

Powers and Abilities


  • Burnstein Process: He possesses various superhuman physical attributes after undergoing an experiment designed to increases his body's cellular regeneration process.[citation needed]
    • Superhuman Strength: After undergoing the original experiment, his strength was increased to superhuman levels sufficient to lift approximately 3 tons.[citation needed]
    • Superhuman Stamina: His muscles generate less fatigue toxins than the muscles of ordinary humans, granting him superhuman stamina. He can exert himself at peak capacity for about 24 hours before fatigue begins to affect him.[citation needed]
    • Superhuman Durability: His skin is as hard as titanium steel and his muscle and bone tissues are considerably denser than the tissues of an ordinary human, granting him much greater resistance to physical injury than an ordinary human. He can withstand conventional handgun fire at a range of 4 feet and cannot be cut by any blade forged of conventional material, although in the event of required surgery his skin can be lacerated by an overpowered medical laser. He can withstand up to one-ton impacts or blasts of 150 pounds of TNT without serious injury, and is highly resistant to extreme temperatures and electrical shocks.
    • Accelerated Healing Factor: Despite his near invulnerability, it is possible for him to be hurt. If injured, he is capable of recovering from mild injuries in 1/3rd the time it would take an ordinary human.[citation needed]

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