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Crystal Claws
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Formerly the ship Aeria, Andes Mountains, Argentina
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Team of Shi'ar militants that desired to create chaos in the Shi'ar Empire
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The Crystal Claws were a team of Shi'ar led by the former Shi'ar military officer Eric the Red to cause chaos throughout the Shi'ar Empire and eventually place a brainwashed Adam-X, the long-lost son of Emperor D'Ken, on the throne.[1]

Allied with rebels from the Kree Peace Battalion,[1] they tricked the hero Legacy into detonating a Nega-Bomb that wreaked havoc in Shi'ar holdings throughout the Kree Empire.[2]

Angry for being tricked, Legacy sought revenge and followed a lead to Earth. Eric the Red discovered Legacy was coming and sent Adam-X to kill him. Legacy and Adam-X fought each other until Legacy broke Eric the Red's control over Adam-X. The pair then went to the Crystal Claws' ship, the Aerie, to stop the Crystal Claws. They battled Eric the Red, the other Claws, and a swarm of Sidri and defeated them before destroying the Aerie.[3]

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