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A number the incidents recounting Crystal's life are cited to have occurred in specific decades relative to the era of publication. However, it should be noted that the so-called "modern era" of the Earth-616 universe operates on a Sliding Timescale. As such these events could not have occurred in the times they appeared due to the fact that it would drastically age the character.

As Inhumans age much slower than humans some elements of her life prior to the birth of the Fantastic Four may be tied to specific dates. However as of this writing there are few specific examples of this, and as such most events in her life prior to the birth of the Fantastic Four should be considered as happening relative to a number of years prior to the beginning of the Modern Age than a specific date unless otherwise specified.

Early life


Crystalia Amaquelin (Earth-616) in her youth from Women of Marvel Vol 1 1

Crystal as a child. [1]

Crystalia Amaquelin is a member of the Inhumans an offshoot of humanity that was genetically altered by the Kree centuries ago. [2] The Inhumans kept themselves hidden from humanity in their city known as Attilan (also known as the Great Refuge) out of fear for centuries, developing a high technological society with a focus on genetics. With the discovery of the Terrigen Mist, the Inhumans would expose themselves it in order to gain fantastic abilities. [3][2] She was the daughter of Quelin and Ambur, members of the House of Agon, the royal family of the Inhumans. Crystal and her older sister Medusa were cousins to Black Bolt, his brother Maximus and their cousins Gorgon, Karnak and Triton. [note 1] Medusa was betrothed to marry Black Bolt, who was slated to succeed the Inhuman throne, [4] but due to Black Bolt's powerfully destructive voice, he was isolated from society for many years. [5]

Unlike most Inhumans who were exposed to the Terrigen Mists after certain requirements were met, Crystal was exposed to them while still an infant, gaining the ability to control the elements. [6] During her youth she accepted a challenge by Maximus to see who could sneak into the royal throne room and sit upon the Inhuman throne without getting getting stopped by their parents. Crystal raced against her sister, as well as her cousin Karnak. Medusa allowed herself to be caught sneaking around by her parents. Medusa then told them the game that they were playing and while Quelin and Ambur stopped Maximus, Karnak and Crystal dead in their path, Medusa quietly sat upon the throne winning the competition. [1]

Years later on Black Bolt's 19th birthday, his father Agon allowed his son to finally leave isolation now that he had found the discipline to never speak. At eight years old, this was the first time that Crystal met her cousin Black Bolt. When Maximus attempted to force his brother to speak to cause untold destruction in the hopes he could eventually claim the Inhuman throne, Medusa, Gorgon and Karnak stopped him. [7] Black Bolt soon became ruler of the Inhumans after the untimely death of his parents, and his brother Maximus being driven mad after nearly betraying their people to the Kree. [8]


Under Black Bolt's rule, the Inhuman empire continued on secretly hidden from the eyes of humanity, the Inhumans developing a level of xenophobia toward the humans of the outside world. By the 1950s the advancement of the human race threatened to expose the hidden land of Attilan. This prompted Black Bolt to venture out and seek a new home for his people. Along the way he met another advanced offshoot of humanity, the Eternals. [9] Eventually a new home was located in the Himalayan Mountains. Crystal and the rest of the Inhumans then assisted in moving their domain there with some help from the Eternals. [10] Due to his crimes against society, Maximus was locked away for years but he eventually used his mental powers to coerce three of the Alpha Primitives slave class. He compelled them to expose themselves to the Terrigen Mists transforming them into an entity known as the Trikon. The Trikon then compelled the Alpha Primitives to revolt against their suppressors. During the ensuing uprising, Medusa attempted to confront the Trikon on a sky sled, but it blasted her ship causing her to crash somewhere outside of the Great Refuge. The crash had stricken Medusa with amnesia and she wandered away from the ensuing battle which was eventually ended, but with Maximus taking control of the Inhuman throne and exiling his cousins. Crystal spent the convening years trying to locate her sister along with the rest of the exiled House of Agon. The royal family utilized the teleportational abilities of Crystal's pet dog Lockjaw to get about. Later, Maximus sent the Seeker to try and rein in his errant family members. [11]

A differing account states that Crystal was aware of the heroes of the world outside and the conflict affecting the Inhumans was a conflict between the Chinese government and the people of Tibet, instead of the Trikon. In this account, Crystal convinced Medusa to go out and seek the aid of the Fantastic Four to help their people. Crystal remained behind with the rest of the royal family who were overseeing Black Bolt's recovery after he was injured by one of the inventions created by Maximus. It was not until reports that Medusa joined the Frightful Four that Crystal and the others fled the Great Refuge to find her. [12]

Modern Age


Crystalia Amaquelin (Earth-616) first costume from Fantastic Four Vol 1 45

First costume. [13]

Their search eventually brought the Inhumans to New York City, where they established a temporary home below a Brooklyn tenement slated for demolition. While out exploring one night she happened to cross paths with the Human Torch, member of the heroic Fantastic Four. The pair were smitten by each other from the first, and after a quick chase, Crystal mistook Johnny Storm for an Inhuman due to his flame powers. When Gorgon successfully returned with Medusa, she recognized him as her former foe and a battle broke out. During the conflict, Johnny was able to summon his comrades in the Fantastic Four, while the Inhumans summoned their leader Black Bolt. [13][12] [note 2] During the battle the Inhumans deduced that the Seeker was after them when Triton went missing during the ensuing battle. Using Lockjaw they fled the scene by teleporting back to the Great Refuge. [14][12] There Crystal witnessed as Black Bolt fought through an army of Alpha Primitives in order to reclaim the Inhuman crown from Maximus. The Fantastic Four soon discovered and arrived at the Great Refuge and confronted Medusa and the others, Mister Fantastic pleading them to reveal themselves to humanity outside. However Maximus was not totally defeated as he intended to use his Atmo-Gun to wipe out the human race so the Inhumans could take over the entire world. [15][16] Crystal then witnessed as Black Bolt destroyed the Atmo-Gun, saving the lives of every human on Earth. In one last ditch effort, Maximus scored a Pyrrhic victory by activating a device that surrounded Attilan with a "Negative Zone" barrier, forcing the Fantastic Four out while trapping the Inhumans within. Having fallen in love with Johnny Storm, Crystal was devastated and feared she would never see him again. [17][16][note 3] Medusa consoled her sister Crystal trying to convince her to move on, while Black Bolt and Gorgon dealt with the Seeker and Maximus. With the Seeker dead and Maximus imprisoned once again, Medusa and Black Bolt rekindled their romance. [11]


Finding themselves trapped behind the Negative Zone barrier, Medusa continued to try and console Crystal over the loss of Johnny Storm. [18][19] She was on hand as Karnak tried to find a weakness in the barrier, but failed to produce results. [20][19] Crystal and the others then began attempting to coax Maximus into revealing a means for them to escape, but they found that he was more insane than ever and was only interested in making toys than helping solve their dilemma. She then stood back helplessly as Black Bolt attempted to use his control of electrons trigger an Absorba-Bomb to destroy the barrier. [21][19] This attempt also failed, and realizing that the Absorba-Bomb could destroy them all Black Bolt injured himself attempting to stop it. [22][19] As soon as Black Bolt began to recover, Maximus revealed the only means in which the barrier could be destroyed, also revealing to the others the secret of why Black Bolt never spoke. Medusa tried to stop Maximus from speaking, but it was too late and the secret was out: the only way to destroy the Negative Zone barrier was in the destructive power of Black Bolt's voice. Something that could possible destroy them all in the process. [23][19] With no other choice left to them, Crystal and the other Inhumans sought shelter below the city while Black Bolt unleashed the awesome power of his voice. Although Black Bolt succeeded in destroying the barrier, Attilan was decimated in the process. In the aftermath of the battle the Ruling Council of the Inhumans decreed that Black Bolt and the rest of the Royal Family leave the Great Refuge until the city could be rebuilt to its former splendor. [24][19]

Crystal joined the rest of the royal family in their travels. They made a brief stop in Europe before a group of prejudiced villagers mistook them for witches and attacked, forcing them to defend themselves and leave. [25] They soon found a new refuge before Black Bolt allowed Crystal to venture on her own to find the Human Torch. [26] While searching for Johnny, Lockjaw teleported in the middle of a football game between State University and Metro College. There she met Wyatt Wingfoot, Johnny's friend and classmate. He informed her that the Fantastic Four were at their Baxter Building headquarters battling it out with the Sandman. [26] By the time Crystal had arrived and was reunited with her love, the Sandman had escaped and the FF's leader Mister Fantastic was seemingly lost in the antimatter universe known as the Negative Zone. To help Johnny and his teammates out, Crystal went back to the royal family and enlisted the aid of Triton, who "swam" into the Negative Zone and rescued Reed from certain doom. However this rescue attempt also freed the Negative Zone barbarian known as Blastaar who secretly slipped everyone's notice, and quickly allied himself with the Sandman. [27] Johnny and Crystal then went on their first date together, but their outing was cut short when they learned that Johnny's teammates were battling both Blastaar and the Sandman. Joining the fight, Crystal and the Torch helped defeat Blastaar although the Sandman managed to escape capture. [28]

Relationship with Johnny

Crystalia Amaquelin (Earth-616) and the Human Torch from Fantastic Four Vol 1 64

Crystal and the Human Torch. [29]

Crystal and Johnny got to spend some time alone together while Mister Fantastic, the Thing and the Invisible Girl went on a vacation in the South Pacific. This was cut short when they crossed paths with a Kree Sentry and called Johnny for help. [29] Following the defeat of the Sentry robot, Crystal was taken out shopping with Sue and later went on another date with Johnny. This date was also interrupted when Johnny and the other members of the Fantastic Four were teleported away to battle the Kree warrior known as Ronan the Accuser. [30] Crystal was upset that Johnny abruptly left their date, but he managed to patch things up with her. [31] Crystal and Sue later remained behind while Reed, Johnny and Ben went after the rogue scientists known as the Enclave after they kidnapped Ben's girlfriend Alicia Masters. [32] When they returned successful, Crystal joined the FF to visit Alicia in the hospital and later joined Johnny as he spent time with his friends. This led to a minor altercation when some of Storm's pals began flirting with Crystal. [33] Crystal was also present when Sue suddenly collapsed, and they all were informed that she was pregnant with Reed's child. [34]
Crystalia Amaquelin (Earth-616) second costume from Fantastic Four Annual Vol 1 5

Second Costume.[34]

Later, when the Mad Thinker turned the Thing against the Fantastic Four, [35] Crystal stayed behind to look after Sue. [36] Going out on an errand, Crystal returned home to find the Thing back to normal, but the group battling it out with the Mad Thinker's Monster Android. Ultimately the creature was defeated by being shunted into the Negative Zone, but in the aftermath of the battle Reed made the decision that he and Sue were going to quit the team out of concern for the safety of his pregnant wife. [37] Crystal, Ben and Johnny then lamented over their friends leaving the team when they were suddenly visited by Earth's Watcher. Crystal then had to sit back and watch as the Torch and Thing had to battle the former herald of Galacuts known as the Silver Surfer. Eventually, Reed was pulled into the fold, and they stopped the Surfer convincing him that pretending to be a mutual enemy to the governments of the world was not a means of resolving world conflicts. [38] Not long after this, Crystal was left to care for Sue as the rest of the Fantastic Four went to aid the Silver Surfer, whose master had come to rein him back into his service of finding new worlds to consume. [39] With Galactus threatening to consume the Earth, Crystal had to distract Sue from any sort of worry. [40] As the Fantastic Four traveled into the Microverse to bring the Surfer back to Earth, Crystal called Sue a doctor to check up on her. [41] With Sue becoming ill with worry, Crystal was relieved when the Surfer returned from the Microverse. After telling Crystal that the FF were busy battling the Psycho-Man, he sedated Sue before going to appease Galactus. [42] However before the others could return from their mission, Crystal had to take Sue to the hospital. There she learned that the cosmic rays that gave Sue her powers were complicating her pregnancy and threatened to kill her and her unborn child. [43] It was during this time that Thing was cured of his condition. Crystal and Johnny celebrated with him briefly. But later Ben had to sacrifice his new found humanity in order to defeat the Mad Thinker's Android Man. [44]

Fantastic Four

Crystalia Amaquelin (Earth-616) Fantastic Four costume from Fantastic Four Vol 1 81

Fantastic Four costume. [45]

With Sue's health deteriorating, Crystal remained by her side while Reed and the others ventured into the Negative Zone to retrieve an energy source that could help her give birth. This led to a clash with the Negative Zone's ruler Annihilus, but the FF succeeded in getting the required energy from the fiend's Cosmic Control Rod. With this energy source, Sue was saved and she gave birth to her and Reed's son. [46] With Sue recovering in the hospital, Crystal looked after the rest of the team, but was unimpressed with becoming their maid and expressed this displeasure profusely. [47] Crystal tried to change this by designing her own Fantastic Four costume and trying to convince Johnny and the others to let her take Sue's place on the team while she was recovering. Any reservations they had in allowing Crystal to join the group were quickly quashed when she proved herself to be quite the tactician in battle against their foe the Wizard and was officially welcomed as a member of the Fantastic Four. [45] Crystal and the Fantastic Four later attending the wedding of the Avengers known as Yellowjacket and the Wasp. [48]

Although she was welcomed as a member of the Fantastic Four, Crystal still needed royal permission from Black Bolt. As such, they returned to Attilan to find that Maximus had taken over the kingdom once again during Crystal's absence. The male members of the Fantastic Four were incapacitated and locked away, while Crystal was forced to witness as Maximus plotted to unleash his hypno-gun upon the world. [49] Before he could do so, both the Fantastic Four and the Inhuman royal family broke free from their bonds. They then defeated both Maximus and his gang of loyal followers, Crystal even had a hand in destroying the hypno-gun. But despite their efforts, Maximus and his band of renegades managed to escape. In the aftermath of the battle, Crystal obtained Black Bolt's blessings to operate alongside the Fantastic Four. [50] On their way back into the United States the Fantastic Four were stopped by Nick Fury and his spy agency SHIELD, who asked the FF to investigate reports of a secret army of robots being built in Europe. This turned out to be the work of the FF's long time foe, Doctor Doom who captured Crystal and the others. But instead of destroying them, he left them trapped in Latveria, using hypnosis to prevent them from using their powers. [51]

Despite the fact that they were conditioned to be unable to use their powers, Crystal and the other members of the Fantastic Four agreed to assist the Latverian resistance, even as Doom unleashed an army of Servo-Guards to quell the uprising. [52] Even without their powers, the Fantastic Four held their own against Doom's army of robots and helped the resistance. When Doom later attempted to blow up the village outside his castle, they were rescued thanks to the timely arrival of the Invisible Girl who protected them with a force field. [53] Having overcome the hypnosis that prevented them from using their powers, the Fantastic Four then stormed Doom's castle. Crystal and Sue were separated from their male comrades and forced to have a banquet with Doom as his minion Gustav Hauptmann hunted for their comrades. Eventually Doom slew Hauptmann himself when his actions threatened to destroy a portrait of himself. Having grown weary of the battle, Doom then allowed his foes to leave and return home without further incident. [54] When the FF returned to New York, Sue showed them a bizarre metallic home that she had purchased as a place for her and Reed to raise their son, unaware that it was a porthole being used by the Mole Man to stage another invasion of the surface world. Seeing his long time foes in his domain, the Mole Man activated a device that blinded Reed, Sue, Johnny and Crystal. [55] Even with this handicap, the Fantastic Four were able to foil the Mole Man's scheme and destroyed his device, restoring their vision. [56]

Alien Menaces

As they recovered from their battle, the Mole Man managed to escape and before long the Fantastic Four had to flee their new "home" as the Mole Man set it to self destruct. Unknown to them, the Thing—who left earlier—was kidnapped by members of the Skrull Slave-Master and taken to the world of Kral IV. [57] Kral turned out to be a world of Skrulls who were obsessed with the fashion and styles of 1930s America. They also pitted slave against each other in a gladiatorial arena to resolve disputes. Meanwhile, back on Earth, Reed discovered what happened to Ben and planned a rescue mission for his friend. [58] Finding a means to track Ben, Reed prepared a ship, taking Crystal and Johnny along with him on the rescue mission. [59] Arriving on Kral, the Fantastic Four quickly located the Thing who was being forced to battle the Mekkan warrior known as Torgo to resolve a conflict between Skrull mobsters Boss Baker and Lippy Louie. The Fantastic Four then freed the Thing and assisted Torgo in freeing the rest of the slaves. As the slaves revolted against their masters, the Fantastic four escaped Kral and headed back for home. [60]

Back on Earth, Mister Fantastic announced that he developed a means to cure scientist Bruce Banner of his curse of being the Hulk. Banner read this news and headed to New York to meet with the Fantastic Four but transformed into the Hulk along the way. With some rudimentary memory of his course, the Hulk attacked the Baxter Building leading to a clash against the Fantastic Four. [61] The Fantastic Four managed to incapacitate the Hulk and administer what they hoped was a cure. Instead Banner gained the ability to change into the Hulk and will while still retaining his normal intelligence. Thanking them Banner departed company, but his new state proved only temporary. [62] [note 4] Later when Earth was threatened with an invasion from the Z'Nox, the mutant heroes known as the X-Men were prepared to fend off this invasion. Their leader Professor X tapped the minds of every good natured human to bombard the emotionless Z'Nox with feelings causing them to flee the Earth. Crystal and her comrades in the Fantastic Four were one of the millions whose minds were tapped for this feat. [63] Crystal later joined Reed and Sue bring their newly named son Franklin to interview Agatha Harkness a prospective babysitter for their son. Harkness' home on Whisper Hill was later attacked by the Frightful Four, and not even Crystal's sister infiltrating their ranks was able to stop them from incapacitating the Fantastic Four. Ultimately, the Frightful Four were defeated by Harkness who turned out to be a powerful witch. With having proved her usefulness as a nanny, the Fantastic Four hired Harkness to look after their son. [64]

Crystal later went to wait up for Johnny at the Coffee Bean for a cup of coffee. There she was hit on by a soldier named Flash Thompson. Thompson, a devout Spider-Man fan antagonized the Torch when he arrived on the scene. Crystal later had to pull Johnny away before the two came to blows. [65]

Doom Conspiracy

Crystal was later approached by Medusa and asked to return to the Hidden Land. This caused tension between Crystal and Johnny because the Torch did not want her to leave. Eventually, Medusa forced Crystal to return home with her, regardless of the Torch's protests. [66] Back home, Crystal learned that Black Bolt was injured in a radiation experiment and only by combining her powers with Gorgon's could their leader be cured. Eventually, the Torch went to Attilan searching for Crystal. Unwilling to listen to the Inhumans, he fought them until the rest of the Fantastic Four arrived and stopped Johnny from escalating matters further. With the truth revealed, Johnny apologized for his rude behavior and he and Crystal reconciled. [67] With Black Bolt cured, Crystal was allowed to return to New York with the Fantastic Four. However, along the way they were attacked by constructs of many Fantastic Four foes created by the combined geniuses of the Puppet Master and Mad Thinker. Despite the ambush, the Fantastic Four and Crystal held their own against their attackers, destroying all the clay androids. Eventually the attack ceased when the Puppet Master and Thinker were felled by their duplicate of the Hulk. [68]

When the group finally returned home they decided to pay Franklin a visit. But on their way they were attacked by an unseen attacker. Unknown to them this was part of a secret plot by Doctor Doom to conquer the universe. While the Fantastic Four were otherwise occupied, Doom had members of the Enclave attack the Baxter Building and steal many of Reed's inventions. When Crystal and the others returned home, they were attacked by the Mad Thinker's Android Man, which they easily defeated. [69] Crystal stayed behind while the Fantastic Four went to investigate the Mad Thinker's lab, which turned out to be a dead end. They were later warned by Crystal that the Kree Sentry had been reactivated and was battling their sometime ally the Sub-Mariner. They were unaware that the battle was staged so that Doom could steal the Horn of Proteus. [70] While Reed, Johnny, and Ben sought the aid of the X-Men, Sue and Crystal planned to go see Franklin at Whisper Hill. However, en route their ship was intercepted by Lockjaw, who teleported Crystal away. [71] Crystal was taken back to the Hidden Land, where Medusa informed her that someone had stolen the Helix of Randac from the Temple of Science. [72][73]

When Crystal returned to the Baxter Building, she found Doctor Doom. Showing her that he now possessed the Cosmic Cube he told her that he had slain the Fantastic Four before departing. However, Crystal learned that the FF survived when the Inhumans detected their signal flare from space and mounted a rescue mission. Her reunion with Johnny was cut short when Doom manipulated Namor to use the Horn of Proteus to send an army of sea creatures to attack New York City. [74][note 5] Crystal then joined the Fantastic Four and the Avengers in fending off Namor's attack, eventually freeing him from Doom's control. [75]

Having deduced Doctor Doom was responsible, Reed took Crystal and the rest of the team into the Negative Zone—leaving Sue behind—to prevent Doom from obtaining the Cosmic Control Rod from Annihilus. They obtained some help from the Kree hero known as Captain Marvel, but Doom was still successful. When the heroes returned back to their dimension they found that the Frightful Four got the drop on Sue, and freed their ally Blastaar from the Negative Zone. [76] Crystal and the others easily trounced the Frightful Four. Using technological means, Reed determined that Doom was going after the power of Galactus himself. Crystal accompanied the rest of the team when they went to Avengers Mansion to petition Thor to take them to Asgard. There Reed successfully petitioned Thor's father Odin to join their cause against Doom. [77] With Doom returning to Earth with the power of Galactus in his grasp, Crystal returned to Attilan to spend what could be her last moments with her family as the rest of the Fantastic Four, the Avengers, the X-Men the Sub-Mariner and the warriors of Asgard battled the cosmically powerful Doctor Doom. [78] As Doom prepared to consume the Earth, Crystal convinced her fellow Inhumans to join the battle. Ultimately, the Fantastic Four managed to recover the Cosmic Cube from Doom, and Reed used it to strip his foe of his power, then used the Cube to restore all the damage done. [79]

Last Days With the FF

The Fantastic Four later earned the ire of the Maggia crime family, and they purchased the Baxter Building in order to force the group out. When the FF tried to secure their base from Maggia invaders, they were quickly incapacitated and dumped into the Hudson River. Crystal broke out of her would-be coffin and freed the others, they then went back and broke up the Maggia, taking back their headquarters. [80] When Reed discovered the source of their mental intrusion during the Z'Nox invasion, Crystal and the Fantastic Four paid a visit to the X-Men at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. [81] When Reed learned that the Z'Nox had a massive world ship that disrupted entire planets with its opposing gravity, he pointed out to the X-Men that the Z'Nox were still a threat to other planets in the universe. Deciding to permanently deal with the problem, both the Fantastic Four and the X-Men ventured out into space. They tracked down the Z'Nox and battled their armada in space. [82] They then stormed the Z'Nox worldship where Reed planted a device that transported the Z'Nox world into the distortion zone between the positive universe and the Negative Zone, ending it's threat. [83] Crystal later had to defend the Fantastic Four from her own family when they were tricked by Maximus into thinking that the Fantastic Four were launching missiles at Attilan. Just as soon as the battle started, Black Bolt called off the attack when Triton reported in proof that Maximus was really behind the assault. [84]

Crystalia Amaquelin (Earth-616) begins to feel sick from pollution from Fantastic Four Vol 1 105

The outside world's pollutions begin to take their toll. [85]

Crystal and the Fantastic Four next faced a new threat when the mutant terrorist known as Magneto convinced the Sub-Mariner to launch another attack on the surface world. When Magneto unleashed his magnetic powers on the Baxter Building, Crystal defended her teammates from the co-opted defense systems. [86] Crystal was present when Reed contacted Professor X to ask for his assistance in the coming battle. [87] While the male members of the Fantastic Four went to deal with Namor, Crystal was ordered to stay behind and monitor communications. As the impending invasion began, Magneto kidnapped the Invisible Girl and Namor's lover Lady Dorma and then took over Namor's armies out from under him. [88] When Magneto and the Atlantean army took control of the region, Crystal joined the fight. The Fantastic Four and Namor succeeded in freeing Sue and Dorma and then incapacitating Magneto in a magnetic prison, ending his threat. [89][90] Crystal's time with the Fantastic Four came to an abrupt end when the pollution from the outside world began making Crystal very ill. Fainting while out on the street, Johnny rushed her back to the Baxter Building for help. After careful examination, Reed determined that Crystal had to return to Attilan where the air was clean, otherwise she would continue to get sick and eventually die from the exposure to pollution. Despite Johnny's protests, Crystal was teleported back to Attilan by Lockjaw, leaving Johnny alone.[85]
Crystalia Amaquelin (Earth-616) as Ixchel from Fantastic Four Vol 1 118

Crystal posing as Ixchel.[91]

Marrying Quicksilver

However instead of being brought back to Attilan, Lockjaw instead teleported Crystal to a possible post-apocalyptic future where the ancient alchemist Diablo had been trapped. Diablo easily incapacitated Crystal and Lockjaw and made them his slaves. Forcing them to return him to the modern era, Diablo sought to get revenge against Doctor Doom for stranding him in the far future. To this end, Diablo sought to take over the nation of Terra Verde by convincing the locals that Crystal was the Ahau goddess Ixchel, and leading a revolt against the totalitarian regime in the region. The Human Torch discovered where Crystal was located and came seeking her after learning that Diablo held her as his slave. Learning of this fate from Agatha Harkness, the Human Torch went after his lover. [92] [note 6] Although Diablo removed Terra Verde's dictator, General Robles, thanks to the interference of the Human Torch against his armies, his plan soon began to crumble when the rest of the Fantastic Four arrived at the scene. His battle with the FF lasted too long and the potions used to enslave Crystal and Lockjaw wore off. Diablo also lost support of the people of Terra Verde when the potion that made the Ahau temples return to their ruined state. In a final struggle with General Robels, a vial of explosive liquids struck his supply of chemicals causing a massive explosion that destroyed the temple and seemingly slew Diablo. Still needing to return home for her health, Crystal bid Johnny farewell and teleported away. [91]

However, Lockjaw still did not bring her directly back to Attilan. Instead he redirected her to a hidden Sentinel base in Australia, where she she encountered the "mutant" Quicksilver just moments after he was critically injured by a Sentinel. She took him back to Attilan to recuperate, and while nursing him back to health, the pair fell in love. [93][note 7] Crystal kept this a secret from the Human Torch, until the day that Johnny could no longer bare being away from her and tracked her down in Attilan, learning the truth. [94] As expected, this led to the Torch and Quicksilver trading blows. However the fighting quickly ended when Maximus launched his latest scheme, resulting in Crystal being kidnapped by the Alpha Primitives and taken deep below Attilan. When Pietro and Johnny went after her they found her in the clutches of Omega, an android created by Maximus. [93] Ultimately a massive battle erupted as the continually growing Omega attacked Attilan with an army of loyal Alpha Primitives. The rest of the Fantastic Four soon arrived to lend a hand and Crystal was eventually freed from the creature. Soon Crystal realized what was powering Omega and making him neigh indestructible: The Inhumans' collective guilt over the willful enslavement of the Alpha Primitives. Once Crystal got the Inhumans to all collectively recognize their guilt, Omega fell inert and the Alpha Primitives ended their uprising. In the aftermath of the battle, Crystal and Johnny realized that what they had between each other was over and parted as friends. Medusa also left Attilan to become a stand in for the Invisible Girl on the Fantastic Four [95][note 8]

The Inhumans soon discovered the existence of Counter-Earth, a perfect duplicate of Earth that was on an opposite rotation of the sun. Seeking to explore this world as a potential new home for the Inhumans, Crystal and the other members of the royal family had to deal with the sudden arrival of the Hulk in their kingdom. However after Black Bolt swatted the Hulk away from a crash landing in the center of Attilan, the brute reverted back to his human form of Bruce Banner. Crystal and the others then tried to make Banner at home, but he eventually transformed into the Hulk again when being harassed by some locals. In the ensuing battle, the Hulk was forced aboard the ship meant to explore Counter-Earth and it was launched into space, ending the Hulk's threat for a time.[96] [note 9]

Pietro and Crystal soon decided to get married and announced their intentions to his teammates in the Avengers. This announcement was soured when Pietro learned that his sister the Scarlet Witch was in a romance with the android known as the Vision, a union that disgusted Pietro. [97]
Crystalia Amaquelin (Earth-616) married to Quicksilver from Fantastic Four Vol 1 150

Crystal's wedding to Quicksilver. [98]

Crystal's wedding day quickly approached, and the first of many problems in their relationship came to the surface when Crystal learned that Pietro never officially invited the Avengers over his disapproval of Wanda's relationship with the Vision. Despite this snub, the Inhumans invited both the Avengers and the Fantastic Four to the wedding. Unknown to them at the time Maximus had revived the robot known as Ultron to strike back at his enemies. Instead, Ultron betrayed Maximus to get revenge on his own. Taking control of the Omega android, Ultron then attacked the gathered heroes. [99] Ultron attempted to defeat his foes by utilizing the mental beam to incapacitate them. This proved to be Ultron's ultimate failing, as it awoke the comatose Franklin Richards who used his powers to seemingly destroy Ultron. With the threat over, Crystal and Pietro were married by Black Bolt before all their friends without further incident. [98][note 10]

War of the Three Galaxies

Crystalia Amaquelin (Earth-616) third costume from Inhumans Vol 1 3

Third costume. [100]

Marital bliss couldn't stop there being ever present danger in Crystal's life. Not long after her wedding Attilan was invaded by Xemu and his minions from the Fifth Dimension. Crystal and the rest of the Inhuman royal family was kidnapped, Quicksilver was allowed to go in order to bring Medusa back to Attilan so she could be used a token to force Black Bolt to channel his destructive voice through Xemu's Thunder Horn device. [101] Pietro ended up bringing the entire Fantastic Four with him and the group quickly stopped Xemu's impending invasion of Earth, freeing the Inhumans in the process. With the threat over, Medusa decided to stay with her people. [102] Not long after this, the Inhumans were sought after by the Kree to be used in the upcoming War of the Three Galaxies. [103][104] When Black Bolt and the rest of the royal family decided to seek the aid of the Fantastic Four in New York to help them with this new threat, they left Crystal and Pietro in charge of the kingdom in their absence. [100] This led to a battle with a Kree soldier named Shatterstar. While Black Bolt and the others were gone, Maximus took control of the kingdom, taking Crystal and Quicksilver prisoner. [105] In order to guarantee their safety, Black Bolt surrendered to Maximus who was selling out half of his people to the Kree. For nine days Crystal and her family were held prisoner while the rest of the population was forced to build a massive space ark to ship half of the Inhumans to the Kree. Ultimately, the royal family broke free and slew Shatterstar and stopped Maximus. However before he could find out, Black Bolt screamed in agony, his highly destructive voice leaving Attilan in ruins. [106]

With their home now in ruins and with the Kree apparently relentless in their attempts to capture the Inhumans, Black Bolt decreed that he and his family would travel to the stars and try to find a new home for their people. [107] Before leaving Attilan, Black Bolt left Crystal and Pietro in charge of the Inhumans in their absence. [108] Crystal and Quicksilver soon became disturbed by the determination an Inhuman known as Thraxon was putting into rebuilding Attilan, and more so by the fortress like design it was undertaking. [109] Eventually, Black Bolt and the others returned home to Earth, [110] and the War of the Three Galaxies was thwarted by Black Bolt and Captain Marvel. [111] Before the royal family returned, Thraxon completed building his fortress version of Attilan and formed an alliance with the ancient menace known as the Sphinx. When the royal family returned, they were incapacitated and turned over to the Sphinx who plotted to use Black Bolt's powers in his satellite to probe the minds of every living being on Earth and learn the secrets of the Ka Stone that gave the Sphinx his powers. Escaping captivity, Crystal enlisted the aid of the Fantastic Four. They defeated Thraxon and followed the Sphinx aboard his space satellite. There they freed Medusa and the others and the Sphinx was jettisoned into the void of space. With Thraxon removed, the Inhumans then began to restore Attilan to its former glory. [112] Pietro began working with the Avengers on occasion, splitting his time between them and his wife. [113][note 11]


Crystalia Amaquelin (Earth-616) advanced pregnancy from Marvel Two-In-One Vol 1 71

Advanced pregnancy. [114]

Crystal and Pietro later greeted Nightcrawler and Colossus of the X-Men, a team of mutant heroes that were former enemies of her husband during his days as a mutant terrorist. Although they came to Attilan as friends, Crystal calmed her husband who was less than happy to have the X-Men around. However the visit went sour when Nightcrawler interrupted a Terrigenesis ceremony, horrified that the Inhumans would willingly mutate themselves. [115] Crystal was part of the court overhearing Nightcrawler's trial. The trial was interrupted by the arrival of the rest of the X-Men who came to plead on Nightcrawler's behalf. This led to a battle between the Inhumans and the X-Men that caused an avalanche. The two groups then quickly pooled their resources to save Attilan. In the aftermath, Nightcrawler was allowed to go free by Black Bolt. [116] Crystal soon discovered that she was pregnant with Pietro's child and began preparing for the arrival of the baby. Medusa passed the time with Crystal picking flowers when Medusa was secretly kidnapped by the rogue scientists known as the Enclave, who were working in league with Maximus. [117] With Medusa as their prisoner, the Enclave scientist began experiments on her. [118] Meanwhile, Crystal informed Quicksilver of her pregnancy when he returned from Avengers business. Pietro decided to remain with his wife for the duration of her pregnancy. [119]
Crystalia Amaquelin (Earth-616) Quikcsilver and their daughter from Fantastic Four Vol 1 240

Crystal, Quicksilver and their newborn daughter Luna. [117]

Ultimately, Maximus turned on the Enclave and fought for his people. In the ensuing battle Medusa was rescued and Maximus seemingly sacrificed his life to stop them. [117][120] After the battle the pollutions of the Earth were taking their toll on the Inhumans. Crystal was one of the many who began to fall ill, prompting Quicksilver to venture outside of Attilan and seek the help of the Fantastic Four. [121] The Fantastic Four assisted the Inhumans in moving Attilan to a new location where its people would not be at risk. The Blue Area of the Moon was selected for its self contained atmosphere. With the help of the Fantastic Four, Medusa and the Inhuman Royal Family moved Attilan to the moon. [117][120] After landing on the moon, Medusa's sister Crystal gave birth to her daughter, who turned out to be a normal human despite her mother being an Inhuman and her father a "mutant". [117][note 12]

Crystal participated in a celebration of the Inhumans new home on the moon, in honor of this new day, Crystal named her daughter Luna, after the moon. The celebrations were briefly interrupted when Triton accidentally triggered a hidden crystal that plagued everyone on Attilan with a mass hallucination. [122] Unknown to all at the time, Maximus was awaking from his death like coma and used this moment to use his mental powers to swap bodies with Black Bolt. [120]


Unaware that Black Bolt's mind had been swapped, Crystal was one of the many super-humans that were gathered by the cosmic being known as the Grandmaster and Death as eligible participants in the so-called Contest of Champions. [123] Crystal was not selected, and when the contest ended she and her family members were returned home to the moon. [124] Crystal later joined the Inhuman royal family to celebrate the Hulk, whose alter-ego Bruce Banner asserted dominance in the Hulk's form and was pardoned for his past actions. However this new status quo did not last for long. [125][note 13]

Crystal was nursing Luna when she and Quicksilver were later contacted by the Scarlet Witch and Vision seeking assistance in potentially curing the radioactive man known as Nuklo. However the pair managed to cure Nuklo without the aid of the Inhumans. [126] Not long after this, the mutant terrorist known as Magneto was led to believe that he was the father of Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch and went to the moon to relay this knowledge to his "children". Magneto explained his "relation" to Quicksilver, Crystal, Scarlet Witch, and her husband the Vision. After they all mutually accepted this "truth", Crystal allowed her "father-in-law" hold Luna, whom they all believed was Magneto's granddaughter. [127][note 14]

Maximus (Earth-616) posing as Black Bolt ordering the Inhumans to attack the Avengers from Avengers Annual Vol 1 12

Maximus, posing as Black Bolt, order the royal family to attack the Avengers. [120]

When the United Nations learned that the Inhumans had relocated to the Moon, they sent the Avengers to meet with them and ensure that their society would not pose a threat to any nation on Earth. Crystal and the rest of the royal family greeted the Avengers to their home, still unaware that Maximus had swapped bodies with his brother. Maximus then started launching meteor attacks on the Earth which were stopped by Thor. When the Avengers began suspecting the truth, he ordered the Inhumans to attack the Avengers. However Maximus blew his cover when he spoke while battling the She-Hulk. Medusa then forced Maximus to reverse the mind swap, freeing Black Bolt from his prison. [120] When Quicksilver learned that Inhuman law allowed a husband the sole decision maker on if and when to expose their children to the Terrigen Mists, he decided that Luna should be exposed right away. Afraid that Luna might be mutated into something less than human looking, she sought out the aid of the Fantastic Four, butcould only find the Thing to fight on behalf of her rights as a parent. Medusa and the rest of the royal family clashed with the Thing and Lockjaw in order to preserve an Inhuman law. However the conflict was put to an end when Quicksilver was tricked into thinking that Lockjaw was a humanoid mutated into dog form, making him see Crystal's point of view. [128] [note 15] Crystal was present when her sister called in a favor from Dazzler to help defend Attilan from the villains Moonstone and Blackout, who were fleeing the authorities on Earth. [129][note 16]
Blackagar Boltagon (Earth-616) marries Medusa in Fantastic Four Annual Vol 1 18

The marriage of Black Bolt and Medusa. [130]

Finally came the time where Black Bolt and Medusa were to be married after so many long years as a couple. Crystal and Quicksilver attended a massive ceremony was held in their honor and a public wedding was conducted. Among those invited to the festivities were the Fantastic Four. However the festivities were marred by an on going battle between the Kree soldier Bel-Dann and Raksor, his Skrull counterpart. Medusa, the royal family, and the Fantastic Four investigated the conflict and were informed by the Watcher that their battle was to determine the victor in the on-going Kree-Skrull War. In order to stop their months long battle, the two groups forced the Kree and Skrull warriors to work together and appear to defeat their mutual enemies. The battle ended with Bel-Dann and Raksor realizing that it was unity was the only way to end the conflict. A solution, sadly, that proved only short lived. [130][note 17]


Crystalia Amaquelin (Earth-616) having an affair with Norm Webster from Vision and the Scarlet Witch Vol 2 7

Crystal begin an affair with Norm Webster. [131]

Quicksilver then began forming a milita to defend Attilan from any threat. This duty took him away from his wife and child for much of his time. That thanks giving they were invited to Pietro's sister's new home in New Jersey for Thanksgiving dinner where they learned that the Scarlet Witch was pregnant. There Crystal and her husband met Norm Webster, the real estate agent that sold Wanda and the Vision their home. Crystal immediately liked Norm's interest in her after the months of neglect she felt from Pietro. Although tensions rose when Magneto arrived at the dinner, Crystal enjoyed herself and returned home with her husband. [132][note 18] By that Christmas, Crystal was making up excuses to go down to Earth in order to spend time with Norm Webster, eventually they began having an affair. They attempted to be discreet unaware that their secret was discovered by Holly LaDonna a woman who was learning witchcraft from Wanda. [131]

Crystal, Pietro and Luna later visited the Scarlet Witch and Vision on Martin Luther King Day. The visit was interrupted when the hero for hire known as Power Man was sent crashing through the window by Demons led by the High Priest of Zor who were seeking the Twin Idols of Zor. While Power Man, Quicksilver, and the Scarlet Witch dealt with their foes, Crystal was given the idols and used her elemental powers to destroy them, banishing their foes from Earth's dimension. [133] [note 19]

Over the months, Norm began developing feelings for Crystal and began pressuring her to leave Quicksilver to be with him. Crystal began seeing Norm so frequently she was pushing the limitations of the drug she needed to take to be able to survive on Earth for extended periods of time. During their next meeting Crystal had an overdose and collapsed. [134] When Crystal was rushed to Attilan for medical treatment, Norm attempted to come up with a cover story. Meanwhile, Crystal remained in a coma prompting Wanda to venture into her mind via mystical means. Crystal was revived but not before she revealed that she was having an affair. This angered Quicksilver who wanted to kill Norm but was denied. Unwilling to remain with an unfaithful wife, Quicksilver sped off. [135] Quicksilver vanished from Attilan, appearing to have become mentally unhinged by the revelation that his wife was having an affair. [136] However, unknown to all at the time, Maximus was back to his old schemes and began using his mental powers to affect Quicksilver's mind. [137] Recovering from her overdose, Crystal began petitioning the royal family to allow her to divorce Quicksilver. She then briefly returned to Earth to tell Norm that she would have to stop seeing him until after the divorce and asked him to wait for her. At the time, Norm was more than happy to wait. [138]

Previously, the Fantastic Four's headquarters was destroyed by Doctor Doom's successor Kristoff Vernard requiring the FF to construct a new headquarters dubbed the Four Freedoms Plaza. After the public unveiling, Mister Fantastic and the Invisible Woman discovered many items that were seemingly destroyed along with the Baxter Building had mysteriously disappeared. Crystal was contacted and sent Lockjaw to them to help uncover the answer to the mystery. They quickly discovered that the items were spared from destruction by the Watcher. [139][note 20] Also during this period, Quicksilver then returned to Earth to menace his old allies in the Avengers, [140][141] and the Fantastic Four, before being captured. [142]

Rejoining the Fantastic Four

Despite her efforts, Crystal was denied the right to a divorce due to the Inhuman view that the sanctity of marriage needed to be respected. She was sent later to the Four Freedoms Plaza to collect Pietro on behalf of the Inhumans. Her arrival coincided with Mister Fantastic and the Invisible Woman taking a leave of absence from the group to spend more time with their son Franklin, leaving the Thing in charge. Still sore about the Torch seemingly marrying his old girlfriend Alicia Masters, the Thing asked Crystal to join the group.[143][note 21] Not long after Crystal's return to the group, Doctor Doom came asking to use Franklin Richard's powers to rescue the lost soul of his mother from the realm of the demon Mephisto. When Mister Fantastic refused to turn over his son, Doom attacked the Four Freedoms Plaza. Crystal joined the Fantastic Four in defending their home, but failed to stop Doom from capturing Franklin and escaping. As they had Kristoff as their prisoner, as the boy still believed he was the true Doctor Doom and the real Doom to be an impostor, the FF allowed him to get free in order to follow him through secret tunnels in Latveria to get to Doctor Doom. The Fantastic Four stopped Doom from sacrificing Franklin to Mephisto, and Doom was chased away because his Doombots did not believe he was the real Doom. In thanks for "liberating" his "kingdom", Kristoff allowed the Fantastic Four and Crystal to leave.[144][note 22]

Fantastic Four (Earth-616) from Fantastic Four Vol 1 309 001

The Thing's Fantastic Four: Crystal, the Torch, Ms. Marvel and the Thing.[145]

With Crystal officially back with the Fantastic Four, she brought down her daughter Luna and a nanny named Maya to care for her while on missions, and the royal family took Pietro into custody. In order for Crystal to remain on Earth, Mister Fantastic developed a new formula that would allow her to temporary immunity to pollution that had less harmful side effects. The group were later attacked by the alchemist known as Diablo who sought revenge against the Fantastic Four. When the group was incapacitated by Diablo's Elementals, the group was saved by the Thing's old friend Ms. Marvel. Following the battle, Ms. Marvel was asked to join the FF as well. [146] After the Richards family left the group, the new roster had their baptism of fire when Diablo recovered in hospital and launched another attack. Although things were tense between the Torch and Crystal, the quartet succeeded in defeating Diablo. [147] The group next came into conflict with the Mid-Eastern villain known as Fasaud who sought to slay television news journalist Gregory Dunbar. Saving Dunbar's life, the group learned that Fasaud was the richest man in the world and a native of Aqiria, who was involved in shady oil business before being transformed into a living television broadcast after a failed attempt to assassinate Dunbar. [148] While the Thing and Ms. Marvel went to Aqiria to investigate there, Johnny and Crystal stayed in New York to keep an eye on Dunbar. Crystal was invited over to dinner with Johnny and Alicia, things started to get heated when Fasaud attacked them. The Torch and Crystal then pooled their powers to disrupt Fasaud's signal, forcing him to beam back to Aqiria. [145] Crystal spent more time with Johnny and Alicia and began feeling depressed and lonely after seeing how happy they were and contemplated contacting Norm Webster. [149] Crystal contacted Norm, but when he learned about everything that had happened since he last saw her, he rejected her not wishing to get his feelings hurt again. [150]

Learning that the Thing and Ms. Marvel were in Wakanda following their battle with Fasaud, Johnny and Crystal came to pick them up. They also found that Doctor Doom was a guest of the Black Panther while he was attempting to liberate Latveria from Kristoff. They were convinced by the Panther to bring Doom back to the Latverian embassy in New York. Their arrival coincided with a parade being thrown by the mutant heroes known as X-Factor. When they were attacked by Kristoff's minions. After the battle, Doom kidnapped Ms. Marvel and X-Factor's Beast to use as hostages so he could utilize the technology stored at the Four Freedoms Plaza. However Doom was later forced to flee by the combined efforts of the Fantastic Four, X-Factor, and the Black Panther.[151][note 23]

Crystal and the others members of the Fantastic Four watched the televised trial between the Canadian government and the heroes known as Alpha Flight over the right to operate independently of the Canadian government. [152] Crystal and her new teammates later rushed to the Latverian embassy to rescue the Damage Control's Albert Cleary who had gone there to collect a bill from Doctor Doom. They arrived just in time to find that Cleary did not require any rescuing. [153] When the spy agency known as SHIELD was taken over by a sentient Life-Model Decoy called the Deltite, it sought to eliminate former SHIELD director Nick Fury , it sent SHIELD agent Jack Rollins issue orders to the Avengers and the Fantastic Four to capture Fury. [154] Fury ultimately exposed and destroyed the Deltite, recovering control of SHIELD. [155]

Fantastic Journey

Crystalia Amaquelin (Earth-616) second Fantastic Four uniform from Fantastic Four Annual Vol 1 21

Second Fantastic Four uniform. [156]

The Thing later led the Fantastic Four on a mission to Subterranea to seek the Mole Man's aid in an attempt to cure Ms. Marvel. They arrived to find the realm in disarray after the Fantastic Four's last visit with the Moloids left at the mercy of the Tyrannoids and Lava Men. Although they located the Mole Man, he was swept away by the Lava Men, leaving the Fantastic Four empty handed.[157][note 24] Deciding to explore Subterranea more thoroughly, the Fantastic Four stumbled across a portal to the demonic realm known as Limbo. There Crystal was captured by the demon known as Belasco and rescued by her comrades. They fled through another portal to the Land Within, the realm of the Cat People. There they were followed by Belasco who renewed his attack with his followers. But this battle was interrupted thanks to interference caused by a battle between Earth's Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange and the demon Shuma-Gorath. This allowed the Fantastic Four to flee across the River of Oblivion which in turn transported them to the alien world of Arcturus IV where they encountered the evil sorcerer known as Master Pandemonium, who was trapped on that world. [158] [note 25]

After a brief battle, they learned that Pandemoneum was trapped but was trying to find a way off the planet after learning it was briefly visited by the living vampire known as Morbius. Their search to try and find a means home attracted the attention of the heroic Comet Man and his ally, the Fortisquian known as Max. Max informed them that the portals between these realms was the work of the so-called Caretakers of Arcturus. He then activated a new portal, transporting the FF, Comet Man, and Master Pandemoneum, to the frozen wasteland that used to be the Savage Land. [159][note 26] Back home, the Thing called on Morbius, the Savage Land's former ruler Ka-Zar and his wife Shanna the She-Devil to help piece together the mystery of the Caretakers and their employers the Beyonders. Meanwhile, Crystal, Johnny, and Ms. Marvel were put on security detail. They then defended the meeting from an attack by AIM. Learning that the Savage Land was created by the Nuwali, they uncovered their machinery under the frozen ice. When they blasted it open, they were shocked to find the Beyonder's name etched within. [160][note 27]

Crystal joined her teammates, Comet Man and Max on a trip to the Nuwali's homeworld to find some answers regarding the Beyonders and their connection between all the realms they had ventured into. It was during this trip that Johnny revealed that he still loved Crystal, but refused to dishonor his wife to rekindle their old romance. Soon after the FF were betrayed by the Nuwali who were bought out by members of AIM who had followed them. However they defeated both attackers and realized that the Beyonders were hidden somewhere within the Negative Zone. [161] While Crystal was in space, the Inhuman royal family discovered that Maximus had been affecting Quicksilver's mind and restored his sanity. [137] Returning to the Four Freedoms Plaza, the Fantastic Four stopped to clean up before venturing into the Negative Zone. Before they could leave, the Inhuman Royal family came to ask Crystal to return home now that Quicksilver was back to normal. Initially she refused and Black Bolt forced Crys and the rest of the Fantastic Four to come to the moon. This coincided with an attack on Attilan by the geneticst known as the High Evolutionary and his Purifiers and Exterminators who were seeking a sample of the Terrigen Mists as part of their Evolutionary War. After the group helped the royal family defeat the High Evolutionary and his minions, Black Bolt convinced Crystal to remain behind. Crystal then agreed to try and reconcile her marriage with Quicksilver as their separation shook their societies confidence in the royal family. [156]

Attempted Reconciliation

By this point the aging Genetics Council had caused much turmoil among modern Inhumanity with their selective marriage and breeding policies. This came to a head when Medusa discovered that she was pregnant with Black Bolt's child. When they announced to the kingdom this news the Genetic Council objected, for fear that their child could have a destructive voice like Black Bolt, be as mad as his brother Maximus, or both. When they ordered the pregnancy to be aborted, Medusa refused to comply. When Black Bolt refused to support her, Medusa fled to Earth with Gorgon, Karnak, Triton, Crystal and Medusa's midwife Minxi. There they made a makeshift home among derelicts that lived in a dump outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. There her pregnancy progressed rapidly. In order for them to survive, Crystal used her powers to purify the environment around them. This had the unforeseen side effect of creating an elemental creature that haunted the Inhumans in their make-shift home. They were also briefly terrorized by Maximus who tormented Medusa from afar with his mental powers after he escaped from his cell on Attilan. When the elemental attacked them again, Medusa was in the process of giving birth to her son Ahura. The powerful infant used his powers to slay the creature. Realizing that they could not run from their responsibilities, Medusa and the royal family returned home when Black Bolt managed to track them down. Despite her reservations, Medusa later turned her son over to the Genetics Council for examination. [162][note 28] Crystal was present when Black Bolt went to check on his brother and found that he was back in his cell. [11]

Attilan then came under threat from the eternal mutant known as Apocalypse, who coerced members of the Inhumans into his shock-troops known as the Riders of the Storm. [163] The group later kidnapped Nathan Christopher Summers, the son of X-Factor's Cyclops in order for Apocalypse to absorb his essence. [164] Apocalypse and his minions then returned to Attilan where they quickly took over and captured many of the Inhumans, including Medusa and Crystal. X-Factor arrived shortly after and teamed up with the rest of the royal family to face off against Apocalypse. [165] Medusa and Crystal were set against Apocalypse's foes, but ultimated X-Factor triumphed with the aid of the time traveler known as the Askani. But the seeming destruction of Apocalypse was not without a cost as Nathan was infected with a Techno-Organic Virus and had to be taken to the future to save his life. [166][note 29]

Joining the Avengers

Not long thereafter the Brethren, single celled organisms hyper evolved by the enigmatic Celestials, crash landed on the moon. When their leader Thane Ector captured Karnak, Quicksilver, and Timberus; Crystal and the others contacted the Avengers for assistance. After a brief clash on the moon, the Brethren turned their attentions toward Earth. Meanwhile, the Avengers searched their crashed ship and found the Elder of the Universe known as the Collector on board. [167] Reviving the Collector, the Avengers split into two teams, with out group trying to learn the secret of the Brethren within the Collector's ship and the other battling their foes on Earth. [168] As the Earth-bound Avengers battled the Bretheren, Crystal took it upon herself to teleport to Earth with Lockjaw to offer her assistance in the coming battle. [169] Taken to Avengers Headquarters, Crystal asked to officially join the Avengers, and they welcomed her aboard on a provisionally during the on going crisis. [170] As the Avengers learned the truth about the Brethren, they prepared for the final battle. When Thane Ector attacked the Collector, he shed his original form for one that was more powerful, revealing that he had planned the entire battle in an attempt to destroy the human race. [171] Crystal and the other Avengers had to battle the Brethren when the Collector forced them to assume their true forms, that of massive bacteria. The battle ended when the Sersi, an Eternal and a member of the Avengers showed Thane how to form a Uni-Mind with his fellow Brethren. This collective intelligence then used its combined power to seemingly destroy the Collector, sacrificing themselves in the process.[172][note 30]

Following this battle, Crystal returned to stay with the Avengers as an official member, returning to Earth with Luna by her side. She also brought a new nanny, Marilla, who immediately came to odds with the Avengers long time butler Edwin Jarvis. Her first night in, Crystal and the new Thor were put to the test, which they passed. Crystal's joining the Avengers caused new friction with Pietro who had given up on reconciling their marriage. Not long after that, the Avengers received what appeared to be a distress call from the Four Freedoms Plaza. However when they arrived they soon found it was a trap set by a new Swordsman and his ally Magdalene. [173] [note 31] Crystal and her comrades proved too powerful and the their two attackers were forced to retreat back to the lair of their master, the enigmatic Proctor. [174]

Operation: Galactic Storm

Earth's solar system soon became a crossroads in a conflict between the Kree and the Shi'ar empires in a conflict later referred to as Operation: Galactic Storm. The two empires were using a wormhole near Earth's sun to traverse between each galaxy. A side effect of this travel put the sun at risk of destabilization. [174] This conflict soon led to the involvement of both the East and West Coast teams of Avengers. [note 32] After an Avengers clash between the Shi'ar tensions began to run high as Captain America objected to the use of excessive force and death threats made by his comrades. None the less, he prepared three teams of Avengers to deal with the crisis, one group to remain on Earth, another to travel to the Shi'ar galaxy and the other to the Kree galaxy, in the hopes of finding a peaceful resolution to the conflict. Crystal joined the group traveling to the Kree galaxy along with Captain America, Iron Man, Hercules, the Black Knight, Sersi, and Goliath. [175]

Their journey into the Kree galaxy brought them to a space station which they boarded. They were soon attacked by Shi'ar warriors while Iron Man tried to hack into the space station. Although the Avengers defeated the Shi'ar attackers, the Kree Supreme Intelligence sent his agent Shatterax to deal with the intruders. [176] [note 33] Iron Man was no match for the Kree's cybernetic weapons and surrendered on behalf of the Avengers, much to the chagrin of Captain America. [177] Crystal and the other Avengers were taken to the Kree homeworld of Hala where they were scheduled to be executed by Ronan and his Accusers. However the Avengers created a distraction and managed to escape thanks to Sersi's transmutation powers disguising them as Accusers. The Avengers then began making their way to the head of the Kree empire, along the way clashing with the Pursuer along the way. [178] The Avengers split up, with Iron Man and Goliath running reconnaissance. Unaware that they were being manipulated by the Supreme Intelligence, the Avengers made their way to the palace where joint Kree rulers Ael-Dan and Dar-Benn ruled. They were then attacked by the Starforce, a cadre of Kree warriors loyal to the Intelligence. While the Avengers were busy dealing with their threat, the Shi'ar warrior known as Deathbird—another pawn of the Supreme Intelligence—slew both Ael-Dan and Dar-Benn, allowing the Supreme Intelligence to once again seize control of the Kree.[179][note 34]

While the Avengers were taken prisoner and scheduled to be executed, Deathbird managed to escape. She was found by Iron Man and Goliath and the trio went to rescue their captured allies. While Iron Man was busy fighting Ronan, Crystal and the others broke free. Having learned that the Shi'Ar had developed a massive Nega-Bomb, Iron Man ordered a full retreat and pulled rank when the other Avengers refused to leave without Captain America. [180][note 35] Crystal and the others then left Hala to intercept the Nega-Bomb. [181] Unknown to all at the time, the Skrulls had stolen the ship carrying the Nega-Bomb, and their fellow Avengers Wonder Man and the Vision were on board trying to stop it. Both Crystal's team and the team from the Shi'ar empire caught up to the Nega-Bomb just moments before it was detonated in the Kree galaxy. [182] Crystal and her comrades were saved thanks to Sersi's transmutation powers that turned them into inert mater moments before the blast destroyed their ship. They were restored to human form upon coming into contact with Starfox, another Eternal on the Avengers team. They soon learned to their horror that 98% of the Kree population were wiped out by the Nega-Bomb explosion. Rushing back to Hala to determine if Captain America survived, they find that he and Deathbird were alive and well. They also learned that the Supreme Intelligence plotted the entire ordeal to jumpstart the Kree's previously stagnant evolution. Furious over being party to genocide, Iron Man and a number of Avengers demanded that the Supreme Intelligence die for his crimes. Crystal was against this idea along with Captain America and many of the others. Regardless of this, Iron Man and some of the other Avengers participated in seemingly executing the Supreme Intelligence. Shortly thereafter Shi'ar empress Lilandra claimed the Kree galaxy as part of the Shi'ar empire. [183] When Crystal and the other Avengers returned to Earth, Captain America called a meeting announcing his resignation from the team in protest over the murder of the Supreme Intelligence. He left the East Coast branch of the Avengers under the care of the Black Widow. [184] Crystal was one of the Avengers who chastised their former member Rage for stealing a Quinjet for his comrades in the New Warriors while the Avengers were absent from their home. [185]

Infinity War

Soon the entity called the Magus sought to conquer the universe in a conflict that became known as the Infinity War. To this end, he sent doppelgangers of Earth's heroes to keep these heroes occupied. One doppelganger replaced Mister Fantastic and then called a meeting to gather Earth's heroes together at the Four Freedoms Plaza. Crystal was among the members of the Avengers who attended this meeting. [186] The Reed Richards and Iron Man dopplegangers laid out the Magus' use of duplicate to sow distrust among the gathered heroes and eventually a fight broke out among the heroes. Before anyone could react, the Mister Fantastic impostor then activated a gamma bomb to try and kill all the heroes. [187][note 36] Thanks to the quick thinking of the Invisible Woman and Thor, the heroes were all saved from the blast, but the Richards and Iron Man doppelgangers were teleported away by the Magus. When the location of the Magus was detected, a group of heroes from the Avengers, X-Men, X-Factor, Alpha Flight, New Warriors, and the Fantastic Four were selected to go after them. Crystal was among the many heroes who stayed behind at the Four Freedoms Plaza. While their allies fought the Magus in another dimension, Crystal and her comrades on Earth were ambushed by an army of doppelgangers. [188] [note 37]

Crystal and the Earthbound heroes battled on against their foes until they were instantly destroyed thanks to the unseen intervention of the world devourer known as Galactus. [189] [note 38] Eventually the heroes who went into the other dimension to battle the Magus defeated their foe and returned to Earth. [190].

Revenge Schemes

Not long after this, both the Vision and Captain America went missing investigating the town of Timely, Wisconsin. [191] Crystal and the rest of the Avengers were gathered to look into the matter, but only Thor was dispatched to investigate, but he too also went missing. [192] Crystal and her fellow Avengers decided to go to Timely themselves and witnessed as the Fantastic Four entered a time portal and followed themselves. Ending up in the timeless realm of Chronopolis, the Avengers confronting the FF they saw that they had allied themselves with their former ally Doctor Druid and the Terminatrix who were seeking to defeat Kang. As the Terminatrix almost tore the Avengers apart in a previous encounter they battled it out but quickly realized the Terminatrix fled. The two teams were then attacked by Kang's minions the Anachronauts. [193][note 39] Crystal, the Avengers and the Fantastic Four were taken prisoner and witnessed as the Terminatrix battled one-on-one against Kang. The heroes broke free and battled the Anachronauts and defeated them. The conflict was quickly ended when Kang was accidentally cripppled by Thor's hammer Mjolnir and spirited away by the Terminatrix, who allowed the heroes to leave. [194][note 40]

As her time with the Avengers went on, Crystal formed a friendship with her teammate the Black Knight. The Knight began falling in love with her, which caused friction in their friendship because Crystal was still married. The mansion was later visited by Laura Lipton, the widow of Alex Lipton, whose brain engrams had recently saved the life of the Vision. When she asked the Vision to visit Alex's father ailing father Dr. Miles Lipton, to pay his final respects. Crystal convinced him to go, and went along with him.[195][note 41] Later Crystal, Hercules, and the Black Knight narrowly avoided a fatal ship crash, discovering that their craft was sabotaged. Crystal later joined Hercules, and Thor to a hospital for sick children. There they were targeted by Hercules' step-mother Hera and half-brother Ares. Ares possessed Thor and began attacking Hercules, with the help of Crystal, Hercules managed to separate Thor from Ares.[196]

Crystal was briefly reunited with her husband Quicksilver, who had since began working for the government run X-Factor organization. However this reunion was not the happiest as the Avengers were visited by Professor X and Cyclops of the X-Men, who came to warn Crystal that the Acolytes, followers of her then "father-in-law" might target Luna due to the fact that she was human. The meeting was interrupted by a surprise visit by the space pirates known as the Starjammers. Unknown to the Starjammer's leader Corsair, they were tricked into going to Earth by his teammates Hepzibah and Raza, who were hired by the Kree to eliminate the Black Knight for his part in killing the Supreme Intelligence. Crystal watched helplessly as Raza took Luna hostage, and Dane was seriously stabbed saving her life. [197][note 42] Crystal remained by the Black Knight's side while Dane was given medical attention. Eventually the Avengers and the Starjammers manage to capture Raza, who led them to believe that he was mind controlled by the Kree. The Jammers left shortly thereafter. [198]

The Avengers were later called in to investigate a strange plane crash that turns out to be part of a plot by their zombified foe the Grim Reaper, who transported them into a realm of the dead. [199] After the Avengers fought through the Reaper's army of zombies, he created his Legion of the Unliving to battle them. This legion consisted of the seemingly undead spirits of the original Baron Zemo, Black Knight, the Red Guardian, Nebulon, the vampire Amenhotep, Inferno, Count Nefaria, Star Stalker, and the sorcerer Necrodamus. [199][note 43] Crystal and the other Avengers held their own against the Legion until the Vision convinced the Grim Reaper that the Avengers were not to blame for his death, but that he died at his own hands. When he was forced to realize this, his master Lloigoroth appeared and took the Reaper away and returned the Avengers to Earth unscathed. [200][note 44]

The Gatherers

Tensions between Crystal and Dane continued to grow as their feelings deepened and the Knight began staying his distance. Things got more complicated when Sersi began making advances toward Dane as well. When the enigmatic Gatherers attempted to infiltrate their headquarters for Proctor, the Avengers were ready for them. Crystal and the Avengers forced the Gatherers into retreat, but not before they were able to collect data on their ally the Black Panther. [201] Crystal provided Lockjaw so that she and the other Avengers could go after the Gatherers in Wakanda and prevented their attempts to slay the Black Panther so they could bring the Coal Tiger, his counterpart from an alternate universe into this reality without harm. Unwilling to commit murder, the Coal Tiger sacrificed his life to foil the Gatherer's plans and they fled once again. However, this time the Avengers managed to capture the Swordsman and take him prisoner. [202][note 45]

Crystalia Amaquelin (Earth-616) on Polmachus from Avengers Vol 1 359

Crystal on Polemachus. [203]

When the Black Widow arranged a date for Hercules with Taylor Madison, Crystal had Marilla bring a cooking staff from Attilan to prepare the feast. During the meal Sersi continued to make things uncomfortable for both Crystal and Dane. They were also visited by the Watcher who gave a vague warning to the Avengers before departing. [204] Crystal and the rest of her team later quelled Arkon, his woman Thundra who were seeking refuge on Earth with a young girl named Astra. They explained their world Polemachus was turning into an wasteland due to the rings around it generating too much energy and that they fled to Earth to save the life of Astra who was chosen to be a sacrifice by the priest Anskar. The Avengers agreed to help Arkon solve the problem and returned to Polemachus with him. There Anskar and the people of Polemachus gave the Avengers 24 hours. [205][note 46] Crystal and her fellow Avengers then worked with Arkon to drain the access energy from the rings saving the planet. This did not stop Anskar from sacrificing Astra anyway, and the Avengers were horrified when Sersi suddenly used her powers to slay Anskar as well. [203]

Back on Earth the Avengers were asked by the World Wildlife Foundation to investigate the recent purchase of an island in South America out of fears that it would be used for deforestation. The Avengers explored the island when they discovered that it was run by the Red Skull who sent his agent the Juggernaut and the brainwashed Hulk against the Avengers. [206][note 47] During the battle with the Avengers, the Hulk managed to shake off his the mental control of Mentallo, the feedback caused an approaching plane to crash into the Red Skull's lair, destroying it. [207][note 48] When both Crystal and Quicksilver had time away from their respective teams, they decided to work on their marriage by spending a quiet weekend up in a cabin. [208][note 49] While the reunion was romantic to begin with, it soon turned sour when a tabloid journalist confronted Quicksilver with photos of Crystal with Dane Whitman. The distrust between the couple put a further wedge between the pair even though Crystal remained faithful to her husband. [209][note 50] Crystal, the Black Knight and Sersi joined the Fantastic Four's Human Torch and Thing in fighting off an infestation of Darkforce energy from another dimension. They were joined by members of the New Warriors, Spider-Man, and Darkhawk. [210][note 51] Their battle eventually led them to the Smythers Drug Rehabilitation Clinic where Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange was engaged in a battle with the Darkforce manipulating foe known as Asylum. [211][note 52] During the final battle, Crystal fought off Darkforce infested heroes until Asylum was defeated by the combined powers of Firestar, Doctor Strange and Dagger.[212][note 53]


Crystalia Amaquelin (Earth-616) Avengers uniform from Avengers Vol 1 361

Avengers uniform. [213]

When Crystal returned to the Avengers she designed a new costume for herself. She then assisted the Vision in trying to interrogate the Swordsman, but his mind was too muddled to reveal much. Later, unknown to the Avengers, the Vision was captured by Proctor and the Gatherers who swapped his mind with that of an evil counterpart from another reality. Crystal later helped her fellow Avengers subdue Sersi when she apparently went berserk. This attack coincided with the return of Captain America who ordered the Avengers to stand down. [214]
Crystalia Amaquelin (Earth-616) and the Black Knight give into their passions from Avengers Vol 1 361

Crystal and the Black Knight give into their passions. [213]

Crystal then witnessed as the Eternals came to collect Sersi, warning her that she had come down with the Mahd W'yry. When the Avengers refused to allow her to go with them, the Eternal known as Ikaris used his powers to make Black Knight her Gann Josin, even though it was against Dane's will. Later that night, Dane and Crystal finally admitted their mutual feelings for each other and shared a romantic moment, unaware that they were being watched by both Sersi and the Anti-Vision. [213] The Anti-Vision revealed himself when, after incapacitating the Swordsman, attempted to rape Crystal. Her fellow Avengers came to her aid, and when realizing that this Vision was not their ally, but one of the Gatherers defeated him when Sersi used her powers to temporarily turn him into stone. [215] Crystal joined her fellow Avengers to Proctor's headquarters on Mount Everest after getting its location from the Anti-Vision. There she participated in a battle against Proctor and his minions, learning that their foe intended to destroy their teammate Sersi, whom he claimed was responsible for an unspecified wrong. When the Black Knight defeated Proctor, he set set his base to explode.[216]
Crystalia Amaquelin (Earth-616) Avengers battle armor from Avengers Vol 1 363

Avengers battle armor. [216]

Crystal, her fellow Avengers, the rescued Vision and the Gatherers Madeline appeared to be the only survivors of the blast, but they were trapped on Everest with no way to return home. Salvation came in the form of the Shi'ar warrior known as Deathcry who was sent to warn the Avengers of a revenge plot planned by the Kree. Shortly after her arrival the group were attacked by Kree Sentries. Outnumbered they were able to pool their resources enough to flee, but were later contacted by Admiral Galen-Kor who warned them that he would have revenge on the Avengers for slaying the Supreme Intelligence. [217] As the Avengers were trying to track down their Kree attackers, Crystal took a moment to confide in the Vision that she believed she was falling in love with the Black Knight. They were later able to track the Kree's transmission to a farm in Owl's Head, New York. Crystal joined a team of Avengers in the first assault on the farm, but she was captured alongside Hercules, the Black Knight, and Deathcry. [218] The Vision evaded capture and with the rest of his fellow Avengers tracked the Kree renegades to an island in the South Pacific where they intended to detonate a Nega-Bomb to destroy the Earth. The Avengers rescued Crystal and their other comrades and forced the Kree to retreat. Although they were unable to disarm the bomb, they lessened its power resulting only in the destruction of the island it was on. [219]

Crystalia Amaquelin (Earth-616) Avengers uniform from Avengers Strikefile Vol 1 1

Strikefile. [220]

Crystal joined the Avengers on a trip to Wakanda where they were going to celebrate the anniversary of the foundation of the group. Instead of a celebration they found that the country was taken over by Diablo and the so-called Elements of Doom. Although they failed to stop Diablo from turning Black Panther's adviser Baru into living Vibranium, the Elements and Diablo were eventually defeated. [221] Back at Avengers HQ, Crystal was present when the Vision temporarily detected a Kree scanning signal. [220] Later, the trial of the Human Torch was interrupted by an attack by the Fearsome Four. Crystal and he fellow Avengers teamed up with the Fantastic Four, Daredevil, Spider-Man, and the Sandman, defeating the villains. [222][note 54]

Infinity Crusade

When Adam Warlock's good feminine personality known as the Goddess began gathering various heroes of faith for her cosmic rapture, Crystal was one of the many who were gathered by her side on the newly created world of Paradise Omega [223] Crystal and the other followers of the Goddess then resided within a massive cathedral she constructed. [224][225] Fearing interference by the heroes she could not put into her thrall, the Goddess placed defense satellites around her world. These defenses were controlled by both Crystal and the Invisible Woman. After rejecting an audience with Mister Fantastic and Iron Man, the Goddess warned Crystal and the others to be on their guard, while she channeled the power of her powerful Cosmic Egg to bring about peace in the universe, leaving Moondragon in charge. [226] With the unenthralled heroes plotting to attack Paradise Omega, Moondragon ordered her comrades to prepare for the coming battle, Crystal was involved in these preparations. [227]

While Moondragon led most of her warriors back to Earth, they found they fell for a trap and that their foes had already departed for Paradise Omega. By this time the heroes had teamed up with the mad Titan known as Thanos who convinced the Silver Surfer to absorb and excess amount of cosmic energy to battle through the defenses. Crystal was injured when her orbital defense station was damaged. They were then teleported back to Paradise before the station blew up. [228] However due to her injuries, she was not present in the coming battle. [229] Ultimately, the Goddess was tricked by Adam Warlock, Thanos and Professor X into thinking she had succeeded, revealing her plan to destroy the entire universe in order to bring "peace", breaking the hold of those under her thrall. She was later defeated and banished into the Soul Gem by Adam Warlock. [230] Free from the Goddess, Crystal and the others returned to Earth.

Crystal and the Avengers were later attacked at Avengers HQ by Mongu, Maha Yogi, Chandu the Alchemist, Le Sabre, who were seeking out the Black Knight's Ebony Blade under the belief that it could give them immortality. When it was learned that the Ebony Blade was really kept at the Black Knight's castle, Crystal and the other Avengers attempted Le Sabre's minions from collecting it there. They arrived too late to stop Sean Dolan, the Knight's would-be squire from possessing the sword, transforming him into the murderous Bloodwraith. Although Crystal and the Avengers defeated Bloodwraith, he managed to escape with the Ebony Blade in his possession. [231][note 55] Later when the Mindspawn of the Mindscape began invading Brooklyn, the Avengers were called in to deal with them and the hero known as Sleepwalker who appeared to have betrayed the people of his adopted home. [232] Crystal and the other Avengers soon discovered that Sleepwalker was only perpetuating a ruse to stop the Mindspawn and their leader N'Ogskak. Although they defeated the Mindspawn, the Avengers chased Sleepwalker away as they did not fully trust him. [233] Crystal was later present when the novice hero Darkhawk turned over Evilhawk's Raptor Amulet to the Avengers for examination. [234][note 56]


Crystalia Amaquelin (Earth-616) and Quicksilver from Avengers Vol 1 367

Crystal and Quicksilver. [235]

One night while Crystal was putting Luna to bed, she was approached by the Vision who apologized for his past dismissals of her romantic woes. Not long after they left Luna alone, she was kidnapped by the Acolyte's would-be leader, Fabian Cortez. [235] Cortez used Luna to secure his safety following his failed bid to kill Magneto and use it to rally his fellow Acolytes to assist in the Genoshan Mutates in their civil war against their former oppressors on the island nation of Genosha. The United Nations had SHIELD director Nick Fury to pass along orders to the Avengers not to get involved in the Genoshan civil war. But when the group learned that Luna was being used as a hostage, they refused to stand down, resulting in a clash with SHIELD agents. [236][note 57]

With the help of their fellow Avengers, Captain America, Crystal, the Scarlet Witch, Black Knight, Sersi, and War Machine managed to fight past the SHIELD squad and escape in a Quinjet. When they arrived in Genosha they tried to break up the conflict between the former Mutate slaves and the human class. The battle was later interrupted by Exodus, Magneto's most fanatical follower who continued to follow Magneto's teachings even though the former master of magnetism had been mind wiped. [237][note 58] Crystal and her comrades then fought back against Exodus, but he proved too powerful a foe for Crystal, War Machine and Sersi. While the battle raged on, Crystal and the Scarlet Witch went off to try and find Luna on their own. [238] In the sewers beneath Genosha the pair crossed paths with Quicksilver and the X-Man Jean Grey who were part of a team of X-Men on the island also searching for Luna. They managed to track down Cortez who used Luna as a hostage to keep them away. However, he was unable to get away before Exodus was able to track them down and appear before Cortez. [239] Exodus quickly injured Quicksilver, took Luna and seemingly slew Cortez where he stood. Crystal and the others rendezvoused with the rest of the Avengers and X-Men on the island where they learned that Exodus had erected a massive psionic shield around the island and threatened to destroy it unless the Mutates slaughtered every human in Genosha. The group assaulted Exodus all at once, managing to rescue Luna and send the mutant zealot fleeing, saving the entire island. During the course of the battle Quicksilver was injured again and was resuscitated by the Black Knight, a gesture that touched Crystal. [240][note 59] Back home, Crystal was present during a vote to disband the less than successful west coast branch of the Avengers. When the west coast team were out voted in favor of shutting the organization down, they quit the group out of protest. [241]

Love Triangle

Crystal and her fellow Avengers later answered a distress call from Deviant Lemuria. This was a trap placed by the Deviant known as Karygmax who sought to resurrect the deceased Deviant priest known as Ghuar by spilling the blood of Sersi. They also placed Brain Mines on the other Avengers. Sersi, Crystal, Captain America, Hercules, and the Young God known as Varua were all to be used as part of Ghaur's attempt to make a Deviant Uni-Mind. Sersi however managed to escape and recruit the aid of former Deviant Warlord Kro. Together they formed a group of Deviants known as Delta Force to deal with Ghaur's threat. This led to their capture. [242][note 60] Although Ghaur succeeded in creating and merging with his Uni-Mind, Delta Force was able to free the other Avengers. In the ensuing battle, the Black Knight was able to free Crystal and the others from the Uni-Mind thanks to his mental link to Sersi. Despite this victory, the Avengers were forced to leave as the Deviants accepted Ghaur as their leader. [243]

Crystal was later approached by Sporr, an Inhuman who remained on Earth when Attilan was moved to the moon, who was being hunted by a mercenary calling himself the Janissary. Crystal tracked the Janissary to the Andes Mountains, where she discovered that he worked for a scientist calling herself Terrigene who used Sporr's DNA to recreate Terrigenesis without the Terrigen Mists. Crystal defeated both and rescued a portion of Sporr's replicated body. [244] Crystal and Quicksilver began working at making their marriage work. During this period they welcomed back Eric Masterson into the ranks of the Avengers after relinquishing the mantal of Thor and becoming Thunderstrike. [245][note 61] The couple later were invited to and attended the wedding of Cyclops and Jean Grey of the X-Men. [246] Crystal and the Avengers later assisted Daredevil in rescuing passengers from the Staten Island Ferry caused by the terrorist organization known as System Crash. [247] Crystal later joined the bachelorette party being thrown for Marlo Chandler, the future bride of long time Avengers associate Rick Jones. They took Marlo to a male strip club, and was the choice of a robbery by some very unlucky criminals unaware of the super-heroes in the audience. [248]

Crystal remained by her husband's side as he recovered from his injuries in Genosha. It was during their talks that she confessed to him that she was in love with the Black Knight, news that Quicksilver took better than the last time his wife was unfaithful to him. This coincided with the return of Proctor and his Gatherers who were in the endgame of their vendetta against Sersi, framing her for murder. [249] After going for a walk with Pietro and Luna, Crystal returned to Avengers HQ to find it in shambles after Sersi went mad and attacked her comrades before fleeing with the Black Knight. Crystal and the Avengers then tracked them down to the Brooklyn Bridge where Sersi unleashed a massive tidal wave on them, after Dane broke his Gann Josin link with her. [250] Crystal and the others were saved by the arrival of Thena and the Eternals. They then began working together to try and stop Proctor once and for all. While the Knight was trying to determine the identity of Proctor, Crystal came to him to express her mixed feelings for both Dane and her husband. Quicksilver later visited Whitman, asking him to let his wife go. Before Dane could decide, he determined the identity of their foe, his own counterpart from alternate reality. [251] When the Gatherers attacked once again, Proctor brought his prisoners Sersi and Ute the Watcher with him. Crystal and the other Avengers battled the Gatherers until ultimately Proctor was slain by Sersi. Unable to remain in her native reality thanks to the Mahd W'yry, Ute opened a portal to another reality. Before she could cross the portal, the Black Knight agreed to go with her. As Ute died he sent all the Gatherers away and replaced the destroyed Avengers Headquarters with a version of the original Avengers Mansion from another reality.[252][note 62] With the loss of the Black Knight in her life, Crystal was left to reflect on where to go from there.[244]

Crystal and the Avengers later assisted Thunderstrike in stopping an impostor who was posing as him in his Thor identity. [253] She later joined the Avengers in traveling to Olympus to rescue their comrade Hercules from Typhon, who had been unleashed upon the Olympians by the Asgardian trickster god Loki. Crystal and the Avengers defeated Typhon and his minions, who were later banished by Zeus. [254] Crystal and Quicksilver were later unimpressed when an ailing Captain America brought his sometime ally Diamondback to Avengers Mansion. [255][note 63] Still reeling from the departure of the Black Knight, Crystal asked Pietro to give her time to heal. [256] Crystal later looked after various size-changing super-heroes who were affected by an attack of the other-dimensional Kosmosians, while their threat was being dealt with by the Avengers Giant-Man. [257]

Husband & Wife Avengers

Upon news that Bova the New Woman who helped birth her husband and sister-in-law was dying, Crystal accompanied Quicksilver to his native Transia to visit her. Upset that the High Evolutionary was not doing anything for his creation, the pair ventured up Wundagore Mountain to see him. There they discovered that the Evolutionary was in a conflict with the Acolytes who sought to claim ownership of the mountain as it was considered sacred to them for its ties to their leader Magneto. They later clashed with the Evolutionary and his newest creations the Animutants. [258][note 64] When the High Evolutionary realized that Quicksilver's presence was not part of the Acolyte attacks he agreed to go down the mountain to see Bova. As it turned out this was all a trap set by Exodus who was using Quicksilver's connection to Bova to get at the mountain. He had infected Bova's assistant Fydor with a mutant virus called Rakkus, who was unleashed when the High Evolutionary discovered that Bova was being slowly poisoned. [259] Crystal, the Evolutionary and Quicksilver defeated Rakkus, but Fydor died in the process. Meanwhile, back at Avengers Mansion, the other members of the team discovered a mysterious door in the basement of their new headquarters. [257] A doorway that would mean danger in Crystal's immediate future. Unknown to all at the time this was part of a grand scheme placed by the time traveler known as Immortus, part of his on going manipulations of the Avengers. [260]

When Namor was framed for sinking military fleets, Crystal and the Avengers were dispatched into the Atlantic Ocean to bring him to justice. This led to a clash with the newly formed team of aquatic heroes known as Deep Six, which included her cousin Triton among their ranks. After a brief battle, the Avengers were convinced that Namor was framed and left the Sub-Mariner and his allies to bring the real perpetrator to justice. [261] Back at Avengers Mansion, Crystal was still struggling with the loss of the Black Knight and asked her husband to give her more time. The couple were then attacked by Ardies, who had survived their last encounter as an energy being. Still trying to carry out his orders to collect Inhumans for the long over War of the Three Galaxies, he captured Crystal and Devlor of Fantastic Force. Ardies was tracked down by the Avengers and the Force's Psi-Lord. Struggling with the truth of his situation and the Kree Galaxy being decimated in the recent Kree-Sh'ar conflict, Ardies fled into space to verify the claims of his foes. [262] Crystal and Pietro later joined Avengers alumni for the funeral of their teammate Wonder Man, who died battling the Kree during the premiere mission of the newly formed Force Works team. [263][note 65]

During his time in another dimension, the Black Knight joined up with the Ultraforce, that realities premiere team of heroes. It was during his time with that group he was reunited with Sersi and they were all pulled into a conspiracy by the Asgardian trickster god Loki to collect the six Infinity Gems. [264] When the Grandmaster became aware of this, he informed Loki of a Ego Gem, a previously unknown seventh gem. The Grandmaster promised to reveal its location if he won a contest pitting the Avengers against the Ultraforce. Loki agreed and the two groups were gathered and manipulated into fighting each other. Crystal and the Black Widow were pitted against Topaz and Siren, a bout the two Avengers won. Ultimately, there was no clear victory between the two groups and Loki forced the location of the Ego Gem. However when he combined the seven gems together, they regained sentience manifesting into the form of Nemesis who then attempted to merge both the Avengers home reality and the reality belonging to Ultraforce. [265] What it created was a pocket universe with its own unique history and it's own version of the Avengers that were amalgamations of both realities. However this reality proved unstable, and soon the Avengers and Ultraforce broke through and with the aid of the pocket universe heroes, defeated Nemesis, splitting her into her Infinity Gem components. The Ego Gem was seemingly destroyed and the others scattered. Crystal and her fellow Avengers were then shunted back to their native reality where their memories of the entire battle faded from memory. [266] Crystal and Pietro later attended the funeral of the Fantastic Four's Mister Fantastic, who seemingly perished battling his foe Doctor Doom. [267][note 66] Later, Crystal and the Avengers helped round up Baron and Baroness Zemo after they were defeated by Captain America and his allies Free Spirit and Jack Flag. [268]

When the Vision went missing, [269] Crystal and Deathcry went looking for him and discovered that, due to a glitch in his programming, he set up a detective agency under the name of Simon Williams with the former Gatherer known as Jacosta. Realizing that the Vision really believed that he was a private eye, Crystal helped him snap out of it. She learned of his plight before they were attacked by Tabula Rasa who had captured Ultron and Jacosta. [270] The Vision fled, and when his Alex Lipton asserted itself, Crystal and Giant-Man tracked him down to the home of Alex's widow, Laura. The two Avengers helped the Vision reassert his dominant personality once again. [271] Crystal and Hank followed the Vision to where his fellow machines were being held prisoner by the Anti-Vision, the one responsible for their personality glitches who sought to reclaim his old body. The Vision defeated the Anti-Vision in battle, and Crystal and Giant-Man subdued him and Tabula Rasa for the authorities. With the battle over, the Vision left the Avengers to help Jacosta and Ultron come to terms with their newly emerging emotions. [272] Crystal and the Avengers later helped search for survivors following a bomb explosion in the Holland subway tunnel set off by the Maggia crime family. [273] She was later taken prisoner at Avengers Mansion when Hera began the end game of her plan to break the heart of Hercules through the mortal woman Taylor Madison. The battle between Hercules and his step-mother was suddenly stopped by the arrival of Zeus who revealed that he was aware of the plot the whole time, and used his magics to create Taylor as a means of luring Hera into a trap. Crystal watched in horror as Taylor vanished from existence and Zeus later stripped Hercules of his immortality before departing. [274]


Crystal and Quicksilver later began trying to breach the mysterious door in their basement, but decided to stop when it suddenly attacked Deathcry. She later joined her teammates as they were dispatched to the Yukon where an AIM facility was suddenly destroyed. There they discovered that Captain America's long time foe the Red Skull was there seeking to claim a new Cosmic Cube that AIM were trying to reconstruct. [275] Ambushed by the Skull, the Avengers managed to evade death and rescue the Black Widow's comrade Ivan Petrovitch. They clashed with the Skull again, who teleported away upon hearing reports that AIM were preparing to create a new cube on the island of Boca Caliente. The Avengers returned home to find Captain America, decked out in life sustaining armor, was there waiting for them.[276] Although Captain America sought to stop AIM with other allies, the Avengers decided not to sit back and wait and planned their own attack on Boca Caliente as well.[277]

Arriving on the island, Crystal and the others clashed with AIM's army of Adaptoids while also trying to prevent the Cosmic Cube energies from manifesting based on their inner desires. This proved harder to do when a manifestation Pietro's biological father Django Maximoff and his gypsy camp appeared and offered them brief shelter. [278][note 67] As Captain America battled AIM, MODOK and Superia, [279] the Avengers pushed forward. Eventually the battle proved too much danger for the locals and the Avengers began evacuating the island. Ultimately, AIM, MODOK, Superia and the Red Skull were all defeated by Captain America and the Cosmic Cub was destroyed. [280] Soon a new crisis began when the kingdom of Atlantis was risen from the ocean floor by the sorcerer Morgan le Fay at the same time that the Fantastic Four were forced to shrink Attilan down to size in order to save it from the destruction of the Watcher's citadel. [281] Ultimately, Attilan was returned to Earth and restored to its natural size, but the royal family was blocked out by another Negative Zone barrier. [282] With Black Bolt's tuning fork damaged, they sought out Crystal and the Avengers for aid. En route they were attacked by the animated statues of Arcadius but rescued by Crystal and Quicksilver. When Giant-Man proved unable to help, the royal family asked Crystal to rejoin them. Having found her place among the Avengers she declined. When Medusa and the others departed, they left Lockjaw back in Crystal's care. [283]

Crystal and the Avengers later traveled to the Vault prison to turn over the Kree Starstealth over to a galactic tribunal to be prosecuted for their crimes. This was met with opposition by Force Works, who wanted the Kree tried on Earth for the death of Wonder Man. With members of Starstealth having escaped, a group of Avengers and Force Works were sent to recover them. [284][note 68] Crystal was part of the team that recovered the Starstealth group and turned them over to the delegate. The Avengers and Force Works then worked together to stop Recorder RE-404 from destroying the delegation's ship. [285] Crystal and the Avengers later were forced to battle their comrade Thunderstrike who had fallen under the curse of the Bloodaxe. They battled him until Thor arrived at the scene. [286][note 69] Crystal was forced to watch as Thunderstrike sacrificed his own life to lift the curse of the Bloodaxe. [287] When there was a security breach at the Black Hole containment facility thanks to the mismanagement of it by the Spook, SHIELD director Nick Fury called in the Avengers for help. [288] Crystal and her comrades helped contained the various super-powered criminals incarcerated there with the assistance of Ghost Rider. [289] Crystal and the others also came to the defense of Deathcry when constant use of the wormhole near Earth's sun prompted government agent Henry Gyrich to attack Avengers Mansion with an army of Mandroid units. [290] Crystal also defended Avengers Mansion from the unwanted arrival of the intergalactic mercenary known as Lunatik. [291][292]

Crystal and Pietro later took Luna on a vacation with the other Avengers to the Adirondack Mountains. There they were visited by the mysterious fortune teller known as Tuc who read their fortunes. Although these fortunes came with dire warnings of things to come, their memories of Tuc's words faded. [293][note 70] When it appeared that Captain America was dying, Jarvis called the Avengers to his deathbed but were shocked to find nothing but his empty armor instead. [294][note 71] Later the Avengers were called in to rescue the President of the United States who were being held hostage by armored terrorists who demanded that Captain America surrender to them. With Captain America missing, the Avenges subdued the terrorists instead. [295][note 72] Crystal later attended the funeral of Nick Fury, who seemingly died battling the Punisher. This led to a brief battle with the Hulk over his handling of the Punisher during the battle, although tensions were broken up by Contessa Valentina de Fontaine, Fury's fellow SHIELD agent and occasional paramour.[296][note 73]
Crystalia Amaquelin (Earth-616) fourth uniform from Avengers Unplugged Vol 1 3

Fourth uniform. [297]

Needing some R&R, Crystal and the Black Widow went out to a male strip club to relax. But their night was interrupted by the sudden appearance of the Mad Thinker's Super-Adaptoid, which went on a rampage. [297] The pair pursued the creature, [297][298] and ultimately destroyed it before it could cause too much damage. [297]

The Crossing

For years, the time traveler known as Immortus had been manipulating the fate of the Avengers for his masters the Time-Keepers. Knowing of a future crisis that was coming and needing to keep the Avengers preoccupied, he had been subtly manipulating the group since Operation: Galactic Storm. At this point in time, he was about ready to begin his end game in this deception. Disguising himself as his past self, Kang, he began an elaborate deception to make it appear that Kang and long time Avengers associate Mantis were launching a full scale assault on the Avengers, using Iron Man as their mentally enthralled pawn. To aid in this deception he had a number of his loyal Space Phantoms disguise themselves as his minions, including a "future" version of Luna and Tuc. [260]

While Crystal attended another Avengers anniversary, Immortus set his plan in motion. Using Iron Man to murder Yellowjacket, who was returning from the 30th Century to warn the Avengers of the coming danger. This murder was witnessed by Luna who was deeply upset, but incapable of communicating it due to her young age. The festivities were marred when an army of Space Phantoms disguised as Kang's Anachronauts appeared with the aged Eternal known as Gilgamesh attacked the mansion. After the attack, Crystal and Quicksilver had a hard time calming Luna while putting her to bed and sent Marilla to collect Luna's favorite stuffed animal from the laundry. While down in the basement, Marilla witnessed Iron Man emerging from the mysterious door in the basement of the Mansion and was murdered for her discovery. [299] When Marilla was discovered missing, Crystal and Deathcry sought to Luna's needs until it was discovered that two people were murdered on mansion property. Shortly thereafter "Kang's" minion Neut attacked and killed Gilgamesh right before the Avengers before escaping through the door in the basement. In light of this recent news, Iron Man ordered that Avengers Mansion be evacuated. [300]

Crystal, Pietro, and Luna relocated to the Wasp's home in the South Hamptons, which became a temporary Avengers headquarters during the current crisis. While there, they became increasingly concerned with Luna's continued behavior before they slowly realized that she must have witnessed the murders the night before. [301] They continued to try and comfort Luna when Iron Man arrived following another battle with Neut. But he was ordered to leave by the Wasp, who was upset that Stark was responsible for her recent bankruptcy.[302][note 74] Although the Avenger Hawkeye was initially accused of the murders, the Avengers scanned Iron Man's mind but found no evidence of the killings. When they later scanned Luna's mind they learned that Stark was responsible. With the truth finally out, Iron Man informed his teammates that he would have to kill them all. [303][note 75]

Iron Man battled his fellow Avengers but when they proved too much for him, he was teleported away by the Space Phantom posing as the "future" version of Luna. As the Avengers were reeling from this attack, Tuc also appeared and after leading Crystal and Quicksilver to believe that he was a yet-to-be-born son, he took Luna away promising to keep her safe for the duration of the battle. They were also visited by Masque, an apparently reformed Iron Man foe, with information on Stark's whereabouts. [304][note 76] Crystal was still reeling from Iron Man's betrayal and Luna's disappearance when word went out to other teams of Avengers and Force Works that were dealing with this mystery. [305] With information from Masque, the Avengers and Force Works learn that Stark had a secret bunker hidden in the arctic. Crystal joined an assault team consisting of herself, the Vision and the Force Work's Century and Moonraker. The bunker proved too well armed for them and during the battle they were reached out telepathically by Stark's one-time girlfriend Marianne Rodgers to seek out a version of Tony untainted by "Kang's" influence. Crystal and the others retreated, but Moonraker disappeared mid-teleportation. [306][note 77]

Crystalia Amaquelin (Earth-616) and Quicksilver saved by the future Luna Maximoff impostor from Avengers Vol 1 394

Crystal and Quicksilver are saved by the "future Luna", who was later revealed to be a Space Phantom. [307]

[note 78]

Back at Avengers Mansion, Crystal and the others began trying to come up with solutions to dealing with the problems at hand and rescuing Luna. This was when the supposed "future" Luna appeared with Moonraker, having been rescued from Chronopolis after being tortured by "Kang" and "Mantis". Not believing who she was, Masque incapacitated her, but later in the infirmity this phony time traveler managed to at least fake some credibility when Neut attacked the Mansion again. In the ensuing battle, "Luna" sacrificed her life by jumping in the way of one of Neut's energy blasts. Before she died "Luna" told them how to use the doorway in the basement as a time machine. Neut was later incapacitated by the Wasp who had recovered from previous injuries by mutating into an insect-like form. [307][note 79] Avengers Mansion was then attacked again by more Anachronauts, Crystal battled them alongside her teammates who were also joined by Captain America and Thor who had returned during this time of need. They then decided to use the door in the basement below Avengers Mansion to recruit a younger Tony Stark from the past and utilize his genius to help stop his modern day self. At the doorway, they battled Tobias, a Space Phantom who claimed to be the son of "Mantis" and "Kang". Crystal was on of the Avengers who remained in the present while the Avengers went back in time and recruited a teenaged Tony Stark to their cause. [308][note 80]

During the ensuing downtime, Crystal was comforted by her husband over the recent events. When the Avengers and Force Works mobilized to go after Tony Stark, they were opposed by Henry Gyrich who had come with an army of Mandroids in order to get answers over the recent attacks on Avengers Mansion, leading to yet another battle. The groups were then teleported to Iron Man's bunker by Century where they witnessed "Teen Tony" battling his older self. A fight that ended with the younger Stark being mortally wounded by his older self and the arrival of "Kang" and "Mantis" and their troops. [309][note 81] Crystal used her powers in order to keep young Tony alive while the other Avengers went to deal with "Kang" and his minions. Ultimately, "Kang" was defeated, and the older Tony Stark sacrificed his life in order to save the day. In the aftermath of the battle, Tuc reappeared and returned Luna to Crystal and Pietro. [310][note 82] With the end of the Crossing Crisis, the machinations of Immortus were complete, keeping the Avengers sufficiently distracted long enough for the next crisis that was looming on the horizon. [260]

Queen of the Alpha Primitives

Immediately following their battle with "Kang", Crystal and the Avengers watched as Giant-Man performed emergency surgery on the young Tony Stark, saving his life with a new chest plate to keep his heart beating. Pulling through, the Avengers welcomed young Tony into their ranks and helped him fit into this new era. [311] Because of the battle with "Kang", as Spider-Man android created by the true Kang many years ago was reactivated. It began webbing up people and draining their life forces, turning them into aged and seemingly dead bodies in order to power up a time machine left by Kang. This included a number of Avengers as well. Crystal joined some of the few surviving members and the "real" Spider-Man in eventually destroying the "Timespinner" robot. [312][note 83] Crystal and the Avengers later investigated the activities of the Zodic cult, until they were eventually stopped by Iron Man, Captain America and Thor. [313][note 84] Crystal was later part of a group of Avengers who attacked a gathering of super-villains until they realized that it was part of a wedding party for the Absorbing Man and Titania. Realizing that the criminals were not engaged in any illegal activity, the Avengers sheepishly pulled back and ceased their intrusion on the solemn event. [314]

With the Vision and the Scarlet Witch returning to the ranks of the Avengers, Pietro began preparing a meal for them. Crystal took this opportunity to try and talk to Pietro about thier future, but Quicksilver was not willing to accept a possibility of having a future son named Tuc. This possible future drove a further wedge between Quicksilver and Crystal. This dinner was interrupted by an attack by the mysterious android known as Benedict. [315][note 85] Ultimately, the Avengers defeated Benedict with the help of Masque, but drove her away in the process. Benedict's defeat also coincided with the return of Captain America to the ranks of the Avengers.[316]

Crystalia Amaquelin (Earth-616) hailed as queen of the Alpha Primitives from Avengers Unplugged Vol 1 6

Hailed as queen of the Alpha Primitives.[317]

Not long after this Sean Dolan returned to Avengers Mansion, but this only proved to be ruse so that Dolan could collect the Ebony Blade previously wielded by Proctor, transforming him into the Black Wraith. Crystal was later transported to the tunnels beneath Attilan by Blood Wraith's steed Valinor. There she witnessed the Alpha Primitives battling the Inhumans there seeking to destroy the so called Orb of Agon and free themselves from the new Negative Zone barrier around them. There she recovered the original Ebony Blade and the Alpha Primitives bowed to her, calling Crystal their queen. Crystal was then teleported back to New York where the battle with Blood Wraith. Valinor then forced Blood Wraith to collect the Ebony Blade native to his reality, restoring him to normal. Crystal then recovered Proctor's blade and took it back into Avengers custody. [317][note 86] Crystal and the other Avengers were later called to arms when the city was being attacked by constructs of their old foes. The group eventually exposed the perpetrator of this attack to the team's first foe, Loki, and defeated him by transforming him into a statue on the front lawn of Avengers Mansion. Following this battle, the Avengers were visited by the enigmatic X-Man who had a dire warning, the X-Men's leader Professor X had gone insane and had to be stopped. [318][note 87]


It was about this time that Professor X of the X-Men was possessed by the psychic entity known as Onslaught and launched his opening salvo against the X-Men while at the same time the Avengers were being warned of the danger Onslaught posed by the X-Man. [319] The Avengers later came to the X-Men's side, determining that the X-Man's claims were at least partially true. Pooling their resources the X-Men and the Avengers broke up into teams to investigate and try to contain Onslaught. [320] Suspecting that Magneto was somehow involved in Xavier's transformation, Crystal joined a team of Avengers and X-Men in trying to track him down. Instead they found the X-Man known as Rogue who was in Virginia with Joseph, who unknown to all at the time was a young clone of Magneto. After a brief battle, they learned that Joseph had no memories of his "past life" and he agreed to assist them on their mission. [321][note 88] Crystal returned to New York where she joined the Avengers and X-Men in infiltrating the Four Freedoms Plaza to prevent Onslaught from kidnapping young Franklin Richards, who was integral to Onslaught's plans. Although they managed to teleport in thanks to Lockjaw, the combined might of the Fantastic Four, the Avengers, and the X-Men proved no match against Onslaught who easily trounced the heroes and absconded with the child. [322]

Not long after this, Onslaught unleashed an army of reprogrammed Sentinels upon New York City. Crystal and the others were busy defending the city and protecting its people and were unable to stop Onslaught from tapping Franklin's powers to construct a massive citadel in Central Park. [323] Crystal joined a group of heroes led by the Hulk in digging a tunnel beneath the city to Onslaught's citadel. Detecting the heroes progress, Onslaught used his vast mental powers to show them that the Hulk was willing to give into his rage and sacrifice their lives in order to destroy Onslaught. The mission was a failure, and served only to sow more distrust over the Hulk among his comrades. [324] Wounded in the relief efforts, Crystal was one of the many heroes who was laid up at the Four Freedoms Plaza. [325]
Crystalia Amaquelin (Earth-616) sacrifices her life to stop Onslaught from Onslaught the Marvel Universe Vol 1 1

Crystal sacrifices her life to stop Onslaught. [326]

But she had recovered sufficiently to participate in the final battle against Onslaught in Central Park. During the battle, the Hulk's savage side was fully unleashed and the brute's incalculable strength was able to crack Onslaught's armor. However, this only served to unleash Onslaught's final form: one of pure psionic energy. Realizing that only containing this energy in non-mutant bodies could be the only means of stopping Onslaught, the Avengers, Fantastic Four, many of their allies and the villainous Doctor Doom all plunged themselves into Onslaught's energy form. Crystal also sacrificed her life, despite the protests from her husband at the time. With Onslaught sufficiently weakened, the X-Men attacked at full force, seemingly destroying Onslaught and those inside for good. [326][note 89]

Heroes Reborn

Crystalia Amaquelin (Earth-616) Heroes Reborn armor from Fantastic Four Vol 2 8

Inhuman battle armor. [327]

Crystal and the heroes who seemingly sacrificed their lives did not truly die thanks to the intervention of young Franklin Richards. Franklin subconsciously used his powers to shunt them away to a pocket dimension on a world later dubbed Counter-Earth. On this fabricated world, those heroes were reborn into new lives that were similar to the ones they previously lived, but with fabricated memories and no recollection of their past lives. [note 90] As Crystal was the only Inhuman who sacrificed her life, Franklin subconsciously created variations of the House of Agon and the Inhuman race. [note 91] In this pocket dimension the Inhumans were mostly the same, their origins derivative to the ones native of Crystal's home reality. The one difference being that their origins were somehow tied into the world devourer known as Galactus, and they worshiped him as a god. By Counter-Earth's "modern age" the Inhumans had lost the location of the Terrigen Mists. Black Bolt's brother Maximus ventured below Attilan to search for them after an artifact containing a portion of the map was taken by archaeologists from the outside world. Apparently in this new life, Crystal was devoid of her elemental powers. [328][note 92]
Crystalia Amaquelin (Earth-616) Heroes Reborn costume from Fantastic Four Vol 2 9

Counter-Earth costume.[329]

Crystal was sent along with Gorgon and Karnak to recover the tablet which was being put on display at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. Crystal attempted to recover the tablet leading to a clash with the Fantastic Four who were in attendance at the party. Trying to flee, Crystal was confronted by the Human Torch, who was seriously injured by Gorgon. Feeling responsible, Crystal had Johnny taken with them when Lockjaw teleported them away. Johnny was soon followed by his teammates who were quickly subdued outside of Attilan and taken prisoner.[327] The Fantastic Four and the Inhumans soon came to blows over the incident, until the heroes were told to stand down by the Torch and Crystal and soon the Inhumans need for secrecy and their quest to find the Terrigen Mists were revealed. Mister Fantastic agreed to help the royal family find the mists and they ventured below the Great Refuge. There they were attacked by Maximus who had gone mad and commanded an army of Alpha Primitives, Moloids and other creatures that dwell beneath the Earth.[329] During the ensuing battle, Maximus sought to make Crystal his queen and had her captured. Having found the Terrigenesis chamber, Maximus began exposing her to the mists. However before Maximus could succeed in his mad plot he was defeated by the Fantastic Four and the royal family, who then freed Crystal. Like in her past life, Crystal had begun to fall in love with the Human Torch once again. However, this time around she remained home due to her duties with the Inhuman royal family. The effects of her exposure to the Terrigen Mists were unknown at the time, but presumably they restored her elemental powers.[330][note 93]

Not long after this, Galactus and his Heralds came to destroy the Earth. He sent Firelord to Attilan to place one of the many planetary capacitors that were used to convert a planet into the energy Galactus needed to consume. Crystal and the rest of the royal family confronted Firelord alongside the Human Torch. During the ensuing battle, Black Bolt used his destructive voice to destroy the capacitor, the resulting blast seemingly slew Crystal and the others. Not long after this the other heroes of Counter-Earth failed to stop Galactus, who succeeded in his task to consume the Earth.[331] However all was not lost as Doctor Doom traveled back in time to prevent the Earth from being destroyed. A later attempt to destroy Galactus proved successful, saving the lives of everyone on Earth. [note 94] Eventually the enigmatic Celestials became aware of Counter-Earth, and gave Franklin Richards an ultimatum: choose which Earth would live and which one would die, or both would be destroyed in order to preserve the universe. [332] After a length battle, it was deemed that both worlds could live, but the heroes brought to Counter-Earth would have to be returned to their native home. Crystal and the Inhuman royal family were brought aboard the ship back to Crystal's native reality. [333] While Crystal's full memories of her past life were restored, the Counter-Earth counterparts of Black Bolt, Medusa, Karnak, Gorgon and Lockjaw were apparently merged with their counterparts.[note 95]


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  59. Cortez survived this encounter, resurfacing again in Magneto #1.
  60. Ghaur was seemingly slain at the end of the Atlantis Attacks event in Fantastic Four Annual #22.
  61. Eric Masterson was bonded to Thor in Thor #408 and took over the mantle completely in Thor #433. He relinquished it with the return of Thor in Thor #459 and became Thunderstrike in Thunderstrike #1.
  62. The original Avengers Mansion was destroyed in a battle with the Masters of Evil in Avengers #277 and the group relocated to Hydrobase in Avengers #278. That base was destroyed during the Acts of Vengeance conspiracy in Avengers #311, a new headquarters was constructed on the site of old Avengers Mansion was completed in Avengers #329.
  63. Captain America's health was deteriorating thanks to a breakdown in the Super-Soldier Serum in his system starting in Captain America #425 until his apparent death in Captain America #443, although he was later revived in Captain America #445.
  64. The Acolytes considered Wundagore Mountain sacred because it was the last place that Magneto's wife Magda was last seen alive, as depicted in Vision and the Scarlet Witch #4.
  65. Force Works was formed out of the remains of the Avengers West Coast Branch, the battled the Kree and seemingly lost Wonder Man in battle in Force Works #1. Wonder Man was later resurrected by the Scarlet Witch in Avengers Vol 3 #2.
  66. Mister Fantastic seemingly died battling Doctor Doom in Fantastic Four #381, however he appeared alive and well in Fantastic Four #407 and his "death" all part of an elaborate trick on the part of Hyperstrom.
  67. This story states that Django Maximoff was the adopted father of Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch. This was established in Avengers #185. At the time, per Vision and the Scarlet Witch #4, everyone believed that Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch were really the children of Magneto. However as per Uncanny Avengers Vol 2 #4, Django has been confirmed as the biological father of Pietro and Wanda and their true parentage and natures as mutants had been the subject of a long standing deception created by the High Evolutionary.
  68. Starstealth were defeated by Force Works in Force Works #1.
  69. Thunderstrike fell under the influence of the Bloodaxe afte relinquishing the weapon from its namesake in Thunderstrike #22.
  70. Tuc pretends to be the future son of Crystal and presumably Quicksilver, however as revealed in Avengers: Forever #9 this is all an elaborate ruse orchestrated by the time traveler known as Immortus. Tuc is actually a member of the Space Phantoms who reside in the timeless realm of Limbo and are loyal to Immortus.
  71. Captain America was revealed to have been kidnapped by the Red Skull who cured Cap of his long standing affliction as revealed in Captain America #445.
  72. The President of the United States here is depicted as Bill Clinton, however per the Sliding Timescale of Earth-616 this should be considered a topical reference relative to the date of publication.
  73. In Double Edge Omega #1 it had appeared that the Punisher had killed Nick Fury. However it was later revealed that this was really a Fury Life-Model Decoy in Fury / Agent 13 #1.
  74. Tony Stark began using his business to destroy Wasp's fortune as revealed in Avengers: The Crossing #1. While the exact reason for this was not clearly explained, this was apparently part of the scheme Immortus was involved in as revealed in Avengers: Forever #9.
  75. Hawkeye was framed for the murders of Yellowjacket and Marilla in Force Works #17 when Iron Man doctored evidence. The frame job was to sow confusion among the Avengers and was part of Immortus' scheme as revealed in Avengers: Forever #9.
  76. As previously references, the "teen" Luna and Tuc are really Space Phantoms that are loyal to Immortus. This fact was not revealed until Avengers: Forever #9. The Masque seen here is not the real Madame Masque but a clone as revealed in Avengers Vol 3 #32.
  77. Moonraker was planted among Force Workers in Force Works #16. In Force Works #19 the Avengers and Force Works are led to believe that Moonraker was really Gustav Brandt, formally known as Libra, and father of Mantis the Celestial Madonna. He explained that the Priests of Pama planted him among Force Works under a false identity and made the group believe that he had been with the team the entire time. His mission was to stop "Mantis" and "Kang" from completing their quest for revenge. However as revealed in Avengers: Forever #9, Moonraker was revealed to be a Space Phantom in an assumed identity for the purposes of deceiving both groups for his master Immortus.
  78. revealed as a Space Phantom in Avengers: Forever #9.
  79. Luna, Moonraker and Neut as state previously, were all Space Phantom and her "revelations" during this battle were also part of the scheme laid out by Immortus as revealed in Avengers: Forever #9.
  80. The Avengers state that they are going back "ten years" into the past is not quite accurate here as "ten years" in "Marvel Time", per the Sliding Timescale of Earth-616 would have been approximately around when the Fantastic Four was born circa Fantastic Four #1. More correctly, they went back in time 10 years prior to what is considered the "Modern Age of Heroes" and prior to the supposed deaths of Howard and Maria Stark circa the flashback in Iron Man #28. The Avengers trip into the past caused a divergence from their native Earth-616, this alternate past has been designated Earth-96020 per Marvel Legacy: The 1990s Handbook #1. Tobias was also revealed to be a Space Phantom per Avengers: Forever #9.
  81. As previously stated this is not Kang but his future self Immortus posing as his past self. The Mantis depicted here is also a Space Phantom as revealed in Avengers: Forever #9.
  82. Although Iron Man truly did die here, he was brought back to life by Franklin Richards much later. As explained in Avengers Annual Vol 3 #1999 Stark was resurrected and merged with his Earth-96020 counterpart after Tony-96020 sacrificed his life to stop Onslaught at the end of Onslaught Marvel Universe #1 and next appeared in Iron Man Vol 2 #1. As stated before Tuc is a Space Phantom per Avengers: Forever #9.
  83. The Timespinner robot was created by Kang to destroy the Avengers back in Avengers #11. Spider-Man is referred to as the "real" Spider-Man here because he is actually a clone of Spider-Man named Ben Reilly who was created by the Jackal back in Amazing Spider-Man #149. This clone was apparently killed in that story, but resurfaced years later in Spider-Man #51. At the time of this story it was believed that Ben Reilly was the "real" Spider-Man and that Peter Parker the true Spider-Man was the "clone" as specified in The Spectacular Spider-Man #226. However it was much later revealed that this was a massive deception created by the Green Goblin and that Reilly was actually the clone as depicted in Spider-Man #75.
  84. The Zodiac storyline took place in Captain America #449, Thor #496, Iron Man #326 and Avengers #396.
  85. It was later revealed that Benedict was the creation of the real Madame Masque in Avengers Vol 3 #32.
  86. Attilan was returned to Earth and the Ebony Blade trapped there by Morgan le Fay in Fantastic Four: Atlantis Rising #2.
  87. Loki was responsible for the Avengers forming in Avengers #1. He is trapped in this statue form until the fall of Asgard in Thor #501, all Asgardians were then reborn into new mortal guises including Loki, who was reborn as Tso Zhung in Journey into Mystery #503 until he was freed from that form in Journey into Mystery #509. The events leading to Professor X appearing to go crazy start with his last battle against Magneto in X-Men Vol 2 #25. At the end of that story Professor X seemingly wiped out Magneto's mind after the Master of Magnetism used his powers to pull the Adamantium from Wolverine's body. As revealed in Wolverine Vol 2 #104 this infected Xavier with part of Magneto's evil personality that eventually manifested into the psychic entity known as Onslaught who first appeared in X-Man #15.
  88. As revealed in X-Men Vol 2 #86, Joseph was a clone of Magneto created by Astra a failed member of Magneto's original Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. During the destruction of Avalon in X-Men Vol 2 #43 the comatose Magneto's body was launched to Earth by Colossus. Magneto was taken by Astra who created the clone in a revenge scheme. Magneto proved too powerful and Joseph was left with little to no memories in South America. At this point the X-Men and the others were led to believe that Joseph was truly Magneto.
  89. Onslaught was unintentionally resurrected by the Scarlet Witch following the House of M event as seen in Onslaught Reborn #1.
  90. This was implied at the end of Onslaught Marvel Universe #1 and confirmed in Heroes Reborn: The Return #1
  91. This became apparent in Heroes Reborn: The Return #1 when it turned out that the Loki of Counter-Earth was outed as a construct by Ashema the Celestial. This was later confirmed in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Alternate Universes 2005.
  92. Crystal did not display the use of any super-human abilities during the run of the Heroes Reborn event. Later when she was exposed to the Terrigen Mist in Fantastic Four Vol 2 #10 it was said that they did not know the effects they would have on her, suggesting that her powers were dormant at that time.
  93. As stated previously, Crystal does not display her elemental powers during the Heroes Reborn event. According to an interview issue number 72 of Wizard Magazine, the Heroes Reborn series was intended to be indefinite, but that plan was soon scrapped in favor of returning the heroes to their home universe of Earth-616. As such many plot threads, such as Crystal's exposure to the Terrigen Mists were left hanging or scrapped outright.
  94. Doctor Doom went back in time three times to stop Galactus in Avengers Vol 2 #12, Iron Man Vol 2 #12 and Captain America Vol 2 #12 until he was ultimately destroyed. Apparently the pocket dimension that Counter-Earth existed in allowed for one to time travel without creating an alternate timeline, so that a time traveler could actually change the course of history, albeit causing different iterations of "present" events. An explanation for this has yet to be provided.
  95. The inclusion of the Counter-Earth version of the House of Agon was an error. This was also the case with the Counter-Earth version of She-Hulk. In the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z #10 entry on She-Hulk, it is stated that the Counter-Earth She-Hulk was merged with her Earth-616 counterpart after crossing over into that reality at the end of Heroes Reborn: The Return #4. Although not implicitly stated anywhere, it can be assumed that this was the case with the Counter-Earth versions of the House of Agon.


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