The past history of Crystal of Earth-772 likely mirrors that of her Earth-616 counterpart. However, in this reality, Spider-Man had joined the Fantastic Four, as such there are likely numerous differences to her interactions with the Fantastic Four due to the fact that Spider-Man had joined the team prior to Crystal meeting them[1]. However, the circumstances and details behind these encounters remain unrevealed. But it would appear (although it is unconfirmed) that like her Earth-616 counterpart, she would be in a relationship with Johnny Storm during this point in history.

Much like her Earth-616 counterpart, Crystal would be by the bedside of Susan Richards during her pregnancy with the child of Reed Richards, a pregnancy that would be complicated due to the cosmic radiation in both parents' bodies. Crystal would remain by Sue's bedside while Reed and the others would travel into the Negative Zone to find the Cosmic Control Rod to save Sue and the baby's life. When the Fantastic Five would return triumphant and Sue delivered her son with no complications, Crystal and the others would celebrate[2].

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