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The Cu Sith are powerful quadrupedal demon dogs who haunt the highlands of Ireland.[1]

Not long after Rahne Sinclair returned to X-Factor[2] pregnant with Hrimhari's unborn child,[3] the Cu Sith were drawn to New York City along with many other animalistic demons and gods. The Cu Sith ultimate goal for the child remains unclear, but it seems to not care about attacking and killing others to get to the child.[1]

Powers and Abilities


The Cu Sith are powerful demon dogs who have demonstrated the following powers and attributes:

  • Acid saliva[1]
  • Duplicative Blood: When a Cu Sith is injured or bled by a metal weapon,[4] the blood will regenerate and multiply into more Cu Sith.[1]
  • Razor Sharp Claws and Fangs[1]
  • High Acoustic Tolerance: The Cu Sith are immune to the high acoustic attacks from Banshee and claim to be immune to the shriek of the real Banshee.[5]

The Cu Sith


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