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Even as a child, this man exhibted cruel and merciless tendencies, becoming obsessed with finding the perfect hiding place where no one could see him and he could play his hidden little games according to his own rules.

Warden of the Cube

As an adult, he became warden of a top-secret government facility that technically doesn't exist, the Cube, a super-villain "rehabilitation" facility located in an undisclosed location, in charge of extra-terrestrial criminals who possess no legal standing in the United States, putting them completely at his mercy.[1]


One such inmate was Noh-Varr, a Kree warrior from another reality who traveled to this reality with a Kree team who were all linked by an alien supercomputer into a living hive-mind. When his compatriots were slaughtered, Noh-Varr's mind essentially shut down, being pervaded and abused by the warden until he became his own personal living weapon.[2]

He sent Noh-Varr to Los Angeles to capture the Runaways. When the warrior arrived, he found the Runaways in the company of the Young Avengers and proceeded to beat both teams of young heroes. The warden was able to capture Wiccan, Hulkling, Karolina Dean and the body of Xavin, who appeared to have been killed by Noh-Varr, and returned with them to the Cube.

Here, he planned to torture the young heroes for his own sadistic pleasure, referring to them simply as his new playthings. He was fascinated when Hulkling's organs moved of their own accord to avoid being seriously injured and pleased when he believed that this meant he would get to cut the hero for days without killing him. He was surprised, however, when Xavin, who was not truly dead, arose to beat him unconscious. This coincided with a rescue attempt by the rest of the Young Avengers and Runaways, all of whom escaped, but not before restoring the mind of Noh-Varr. After the warden regained consciousness he found Noh-Varr waiting for him while he planned to make the warden suffer as he had. He went on to call the Cube the new capital city of the Kree empire.[3]

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Experienced torturer. Some possible surgical and psychological training.

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