When Molly Fitzgerald (Shamrock) became the author of the mystical Book of Kells, Doctor Druid restored one of the souls that resided within the girl to life. She was blessed to be kept company by Ireland's greatest warrior, the Irish Wolfhound.[1]


Cuchulain has increased strength, durability and toughness. His reflexes have been enhanced as has his resilience.


Cuchulain is master of all forms of archaic combat as he proved by single handedly fighting off the Guardians of the Galaxy, who were in their own right, incredible physical combatants.

Strength level

Cuchulain's strength limit is unknown. It is known that he is at least as strong, or stronger than Drax the Destroyer as Drax was before his mind was returned to him.


Cuchulain's only limitation is his ignorance of the 31st century as he's spent all his time in Ireland's fields.


Cuchulain has a "throwing stick" as he calls it, his trusty spear. He also wears a breastplate and helmet. Whether they are purely ornamental or not is unknown.

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