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Pre-Cataclysmic Age

The Cult of the Serpent was a secret society of Serpent-Men, formed at some point during the Pre-Cataclysmic Age, after humanity had overthrown the empires of the Serpent-Men and other demonic races. Disguising themselves as human priests, the surviving Serpent-Men infiltrated human society, becoming the secret power behind the throne of Valusia.

During the time of King Kull, the Cult of the Serpent was exposed, when their priests made a failed attempt to replace Kull with an impersonator, and many of their number were slain by Kull and his allies.[1]

Siege of the City of Wonders

For the full presentation of this event, please consult the Siege of the City of Wonders page.

The Cult of the Serpent regrouped and, moving openly, laid siege to the City of Wonders, the capital city of Valusia. Although the siege lasted for many months, the Cult failed to break the spirits of Kull or the city's defenders.[2][3][4][5]

Modern Age

Although driven back into the shadows, the Cult of the Serpent survived into the modern era. With the Serpent-Men themselves all but extinct and driven into a limbo dimension, they relied on human cultists to carry out their orders and to provide host bodies for their spirits to possess. During the modern era, the Cult captured the Defenders and impersonated them in an attempt to deceive Spider-Man into aiding them in recovering a pre-Cataclysmic serpent totem. With the totem, they intended to bring the other Serpent-Men back from limbo – however, Spider-Man exposed them and destroyed the totem, foiling their plans.[6]

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