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Not much is known about the origins of the mutant child referred to as Curse. She became a young resident of Krakoa after its establishment as a mutant-exclusive island nation. On the island, she harassed Kate Pryde for not being able to interact with Krakoan teleporting Gateways.[1] Some time later, Curse vehemently celebrated Pryde's resurrection as the Red Queen.[2]

When playing with her friend Fauna, Curse witnessed him going missing in the Arak Coral. She decided to ask Cable for help to find her friend as she did not trust the adult mutants to do it. With the assistance of Pixie and Armor, Cable rescued Fauna.[3]

As a young mutant, Curse resides in the Akademos Habitat. She was involved in a crisis alongside other children concerning the destruction of their Fort in Akademos because older mutants wanted to seize it. Their tutor Magik decided to stand up for Curse and her friends against the older bullies.[4] Magik forced the bullies to rebuild the Fort and Curse was given a Marvel Girl doll by one of her former harassers.[5]

When Nature Girl violently went out on the lamb due to incense at the humans' callous mistreatment of the environment,[6] Curse was particularly interested in causing trouble and asked to join her to get her ecological message out.[7] Going by X-Men Green, the duo headed alongside their canine companion Saoirse to the Dakotas, seeking the disruption of a company-owned oil rig. Curse jinxed an employee who attacked them, leading to his death. From Krakoa, Professor X sent Wolverine to track the rebellious mutant girls.[8]

In order to protect the interests of the oil company, Black Mamba clashed with the mutant activist duo,[9] Black Mamba hit Curse her with a nightmarish illusion brought on by her Darkforce powers, but it had an unexpected effect on Curse as she enjoyed the psychological torture. Curse easily overpowered the Darkforce effect and managed to help Nature Girl.[10] Unexpectedly, Curse, Nature Girl and Saoirse were assisted by Sauron, who joined the battle seeking vengeance against Black Mamba's employer for ruining one of his labs.[10]

As matters went public, Professor X directly intervened using his telepathic powers. However, his telepathy could not affect Curse and his intervention backfired as Curse jinxed his Cerebro helmet.[11] In the end, however, Wolverine aprehended Curse and Nature Girl, bringing them to justice on Krakoa.[12] They were sentenced to the Pit of Exile and accepted their fate with no regret. However, Cypher arranged for them to escape, at the request of Krakoa, who agreed with their actions to preserve Earth. No longer being allowed on the island, Curse, Nature Girl and Saoirse were left to go their own way with Pyro's help.[13]


Curse is described as an individual with a dark heart, as shown with her mean streak in laughing at Kate Pryde for being unable to access the Krakoan gates.[1] Even her fellow new mutant, Nature Girl, recognizes the malevolence lurking beneath the scaly surface. Ruminating that she would end up in "The Hole" by her own volition whether or not she chose to accompany her on their caustic venture.[7] Charles described her as both very powerful and quite evil.[11]



Vocalized Jinx Inducement: Curse's power enables her to trigger bedeviling happenstances to anyone spoken to when she directly focuses on them.[8] Her ability is such that its power can track back too and affect psionic links established through mental enhancers if she were so inclined.[11]


Psychic Resistance: Curse's mind is resilient to mental probing and manipulation even by powerful telepaths like Xavier.[11] That being the case, she is not however entirely immune as Black Mamba's Darkforce was able to lull her into a fugue state of whatever it was Curse desired.[10]


She needs to vent her probabilistic abilities on people, lest the ability to trigger unfortunate events turns back on her due to a congestion of unreleased curses.[8] Curse's powers also have a rebound effect upon her when using these abilities for benefic purpose instead of malevolent ones.[12]



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