Quote1 Do you know the saying, "Unlucky at love, unlucky at cards, basically hopeless at basically everything?" Quote2
-- Cursed Cass on her nickname src

Cursed Cass was a member of the Freelancers, a group of super-powered enforcers who were hired by Roxxon to shut down the protesters at the Angeles National Forest that opposed the company's intention to build a pipeline that connected their West Coast headquarters to a new deep-water drilling platform off the coast.

When the Champions arrived to the scene to stop them, Cursed Class set off a bomb that escalated the situation. She resurfaced unscathed soon after that, and climbed on the Hulk in an attempt to detonate a bomb on him, presuming about about her ability to withstand harm. Viv phased through her arm, disabling the explosive, and the Hulk threw her far away.[1]

The Freelancers were later hired for other jobs, including disrupting a wage protest in Durham, North Carolina and displacing homeless people from a tent city in Los Angeles, California. The Freelancers invited two of the homeless people they displaced to their compound, and manipulated them into fighting each other, later using Panic's powers to have them tell the authorities that the Champions had assaulted them.[2]


Invulnerability: According to herself, Cursed Cass is indestructible, being able to survive the impact of a bomb point blank without even superficial damage.[1]


Munitions: Cass is able to rig and detonate a bomb with limited time and materials.[1]

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