The reptilian killer known as King Lizard was created when Project Cadmus' genetic expert Dr. Curt Connors' left arm was viciously removed by an unknown assailant -- suspected by some to be Cadmus' own Dabney Donovan -- and cells from the dismembered limb were combined with reptile DNA. The result was a cold-blooded reptilian monster who soon clashed with Spider-Boy. King Lizard was imprisoned in a cell within the depths of Project Cadmus.

When the homicidal alien symbiote known as Bizarnage shorted out Project Cadmus' power grid, King Lizard took the opportunity to break free from his cell. Free at last, King Lizard tore through Doctor Curt Connors, Susan "Ace" Storm, and Doctor Hank Pym's Particle Accelerator before disappearing into an underground river and heading toward New York City.

In order to keep Project Cadmus' existence a secret, Spider-Boy was given two hours to capture the rogue King Lizard before calling in the United States Army and S.H.I.E.L.D. Spider-Boy finally tracked King Lizard down to Pier 69 in Manhattan where the reptilian monstrosity was attacking dock workers. Spider-Boy, who noticed that King Lizard had grown considerably larger since the last time they crossed paths, attacked King Lizard but was swatted away by the monster's tail. Fortunately, the New York Special Crimes Unit arrived on the scene and distracted King Lizard with gunfire as Spider-Boy collected his thoughts and formulated a new plan of attack.

Spider-Boy deduced that King Lizard had been growing in size ever since he tore through Dr. Hank Pym's Particle Accelerator during his escape from Project Cadmus. The incident exposed King Lizard to Pym Particles, thus causing the monster to grow. Spider-Boy retreated to the Baxter Building in search of the one thing that could bring King Lizard down to size -- Doctor Ray Palmer's White Dwarf Prototype. Just as Spider-Boy located the device, the enormous King Lizard attacked the Baxter Building, causing the containment field of the White Dwarf Prototype to rupture. With the remnants White Dwarf Prototype in his possession, Spider-Boy fled to the roof of the Baxter Building as King Lizard scaled the side of the building in hot pursuit. When King Lizard finally reached the rooftop, Spider-Boy was waiting for him and flung the White Dwarf Prototype into the monster's mouth. Shocked, the enormous King Lizard shrunk down to sub-atomic size where he ceased to be a threat for the time being.[1]


Seemingly those of The Lizard of Earth-616. When exposed to the Pym Particles of Dr. Hank Pym's Particle Accelerator, King Lizard grew substantially in terms of both size and strength.


Although not connected physically, there exists a psychic link between Curt Connors of Project Cadmus and King Lizard that periodically gives Dr. Connors nightmarish insights into King Lizard's mind.

Strength level

Superhuman strength and an insatiable hunger for humans

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