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Dr. Curtis Conners, a.k.a. the Lizard, was one of the many supervillains trapped inside a DISK. However, shortly after the incident that caused all DISKs to be scattered around the world, he was released by Rosetta Riley to break into a bank in New York and steal the DISK that had ended up inside. Lizard easily fought off the New York City police, while Senator Robert forbade S.H.I.E.L.D. from interfering. Spider-Man responded to the crisis and confronted Lizard, soon joined by Akira and Iron Man. Together they defeated the villain and Akira secured him in a new DISK.[1]

His DISK was presumably stolen along with the other DISKs that the Avengers had managed to secure by Noriko Ashida, delivered to Loki, and lost again after Loki's defeat at his Ice Palace. Sometime after this, his DISK ended up in the hands of Rosetta Riley again. She used Lizard as her villain when the Celebrity Five attacked a security conference to lure the Avengers out. Here, Lizard first fought against Thor and Wasp before the other Avengers joined the battle. He was easily defeated again. Once the Five got what they came for, Rosetta recalled Lizard to his DISK.[2]

Lizard is last seen 3 months after Loki and Dormammu have been defeated, still working for the Celebrity Five.[3]

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Presumably those of Curtis Connors (Earth-616)


Presumably those of Curtis Connors (Earth-616)

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