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A victim of his own genius – Curt Connors the man now spends his life as the vicious Lizard!

The Lizard first appeared in the sewers, trapped behind a gate. Spider-Man found him whilst looking for Mary Jane, who had been kidnapped by Venom. Lizard explained that Venom had forced him from his lair, and that this was where Mary Jane was being held. He then gave Spider-Man directions to his lair, and was not seen for the rest of the game.[1]

In Spider-Man 2, Dr. Connors is working in a lab at Bio-Tech when Electro breaks in and steals the Bio-Nexus device. Later, when Dr. Watts is kidnapped by Sandman, Spider-Man calls Dr. Connors to try and work out why Dr. Watts had been taken, as he knew that Watts and Connors both worked at Bio-Tech. However, when Connors picks up the phone, Spider-Man hears a commotion and goes to Bio-Tech to rescue Dr. Connors. When Spider-Man arrives at the facility, he hears over a guard's radio that a "Code Red" incident is occurring in the Central Tower, clueing him in to the fact that something is wrong. Using the computers in Bio-Tech, Spider-Man discovers that Dr. Connors is in the Special Projects Lab, also in the Central Tower. Ascending through the power conduit for the entire facility, Spider-Man finally arrives at Dr. Connors lab, which is heavily trashed. Spider-Man calls out for Dr. Connors to give him a sign that he is OK, which he does; the Lizard bursts through a set of doors and lunges at Spider-Man, who is only just able to escape behind another set of doors. Refusing to fight Connors knowing that there is a chance he can bring him back to his normal form, Spider-Man synthesizes the antidote to Connors' transformation and injects it into the Lizard, successfully reverting him back to Dr. Connors. Connors explains that Electro took the Bio-Nexus device, and warns him that the device could turn Electro into a god. However, when Spider-Man asks what Electro is missing in order to use the device, Connors says that he does not know, as Dr. Watts (the creator of the Bio-Nexus device) kept all of her research notes secret, and suggests that Spider-Man goes to her lab. The Daily Bugle article for the level will reference the Lizard's rampage at Bio-Tech; if Spider-Man is defeated by the Lizard in their battle, then he is stated to be one of the casualties of said rampage.[2]


Seemingly those of the Curt Connors of Earth-616


Seemingly those of the Curt Connors of Earth-616

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