Curtis Connors was a natural philosopher who was infected with the bubonic plague. Desperate, Connors concocted a elixir made from the embryos of dinosaur eggs in curing him, but also transforming him into a dinosaur, which vaguely resembled to a green, overgrown velociraptor. Connors still retained his mind in spite of his animalistic nature, and became associated with Baron Victor Octavius, who also went through a similar phase as Connors (in this case becoming a octopus/human hybrid).

Connors worked in capturing Peter Parquagh for Octavius, and was wounded by Bull's Eye. Later, he and Norman Osborne tried to stop The Spider and the Watsonne's from escaping. In the process, Octavius' palace was in partial ruins and bringing Octavius' wrath on Connors and Osborne. Connors later killed Bull's Eye before he could kill The Spider and was thrown aside by Octavius into Venice's canals. Connors was last seen swimming and is presumed to have survived the entire conflict.[1]


Seemingly those of the Lizard of Earth-616.



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