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Dr. Curtis Connors was a professor at Empire State University who worked alongside Peter Parker in researching Lizard DNA in hopes of developing a serum that would grow back amputated limps. In doing so, he tried his experimental serum on himself and ended up mutating himself into a horrid Lizard-like creature. He retained his knowledge and sought vengeance against Oscorp due to their involvement in the loss of his limbs. Spider-Man caught wind of his plan and stopped him before he could hurt Harry Osborn. After fighting with Spider-Man across rooftops, the wall-crawler was able to web up the Lizard, but Connors broke free and fell to his death.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of the Lizard of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Lizard of Earth-616.


  • Voiced by Rob Zombie.
  • Unlike some previous versions of the character, this version of Connors seemed to lack all of his mental faculties as the Lizard, being incapable of human speech once fully mutated and appearing totally feral.
  • He also never reverted to human form, and maintained his transformation, seemingly by intention, until his death.
  • His dying at the end of his first and only appearance is a marked departure from most other Spider-Man universes and media, where in the Lizard is generally depicted as one of Spider-Man's most recurring and prominent enemies.
  • During his final fight with Spider-Man, the very arm he had been trying to regrow, was trusted through an air vent fan, and once again amputated.

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