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Quote1.png Thisss isss the bessst day of my life! The worssst wasss when I turned myssself into a lizard. Quote2.png
Lizard (Curtis Connors)[src]


In the past, Curt Connors tutored Peter Parker in advanced chemistry.

Curt joined the Osborn Private Science Institution so he could have the tools, and resources to continue his experiments on how to regenerate his lost arm. He became Norman Osborn protégé, and a member of the Sinister Six, as the Lizard.


With the pretext of wanting to work with the Academy geniuses, Norman Osborn decided to move his Osborn Private Science Institution close to the Avengers Academy. Doctor Octopus, and the Lizard advised him not to do that, telling him doing that would potentially jeopardize their secret plan.

Worried about Spider-Man possibly interfering with their plans again, they recreated Spider-Man's webs in their labs, and committed various crimes around New York using it, making it look like Spider-Man was the one committing the crimes.

After Doctor Octopus, failed to stop the students from investigating the Spider-Man situation using his Octobots, Norman told Curt to deal with the Academy students. Norman made Curt drink the whole Lizard Serum which mutated him fully into a lizard, regenerating his arm, but also sending him into a violent uncontrollable state. Peter Parker, came up with a temporary antidote to weaken him, which enable them to defeat the Lizard, and reverse the transformation temporarily. Peter then convinced him that he was a good person, and he should join the Academy, where he could get help to control his Lizard persona, and also help them defeat the Sinister Six, Dr. Connors accepted the invitation.[1]



Seemingly those of the Curtis Connors of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Curtis Connors of Earth-616.


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