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"Erasing" someone from Tales to Astonish #49

The Living Eraser was an agent of the Supremacy, the ruler of Dimension Z. He was sent to Earth to abduct scientists to build nuclear weapons for their armies. He kidnapped several scientists, including Henry Pym, the hero known at the time as Giant-Man. Pym's partner the Wasp who had secretely been brought to Dimension Z as well, freed the scientists and Pym and together they defeated the Living Eraser and returned to Earth.[2]

The Living Eraser later staged a coup against Supremacy and took control of Dimension Z. He returned to Earth to steal nuclear weapons, but was attacked by Morbius. When the Thing intervened, Morbius sent them both to Dimension Z where they were put in prison. Aided by the Supremacy, they freed themselves and returned to Earth where they defeated the Eraser.[3]


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Dimensionizer: The Living Eraser uses a device which can transport people to other dimensions, primarily between Earth and Dimension Z. As the Dimensionizer passes over a surface, it turns it invisible, making it appear as if the victim is being erased. When the entire surface has been transformed, the being or object is transported across dimensions to its destination.[2]

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