Known in their own language as the Tuatha De Turing ("Tribe of Turing"), the Cyber-Sidhe were a race of cybernetic beings native to Earth-10001011. The Cyber-Sidhe were worshipped by the native Mechlans of this Earth, who made sacrifices to them through the ritualistic Henge-Nodes. When a renegade Cyber-Sidhe called Phinn Mac Mram attempted to enslave the Mechlans, they rose up against him and banished his warband to another world.

Phinn Mac Mram and his warriors re-materialized on Earth-616 at the Carhenge tourist attraction in Western Nebraska. They were engaged by Lyra, acting as an agent of A.R.M.O.R. The Cyber-Sidhe's Chromedruids began infecting Earth's machines and controlling them, including Lyra's wrist-computer, Boudicca. Lyra engaged the Cyber-Sidhe and killed Phinn Mac Mram, ending the Cyber-Sidhe threat.[1]

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The Cyber-Sidhe speak the universal machine language, and are able to infect and control computerized devices.



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