Cyclone as a Black Stallion

Cyclone was the trusty stallion of the original Two-Gun Kid. The horse rode him to places such as Sundown, Arizona; Dry Gultch, Nevada;[1] Outlaw City; Tarelton and Trail's End, Texas;[2] Trouble City;[3] Cactus County, Arizona; Cimmaran City;[4] Blainesville, Texas;[5] Buckhorn, Wyoming; Silver City; Mexico; Central City, Nevada;[6] Vulture Valley;[7] Big Bend;[8] Farnum Flats, Texas;[9] Spring Creek;[10] Ring Corners;[11] Horn City; Malpais Flats; Rail's End; Mooneyville;[12] Lookout Mountain;[13] Lawson;[14] Mojave;[15] Roaring Valley, Montana; Wolf Creek;[16] Hidden City Hills;[17] Brimstone;[18] Taos; Julesberg;[19] Colbyville; Wolf Creek;[20] Mesquite Falls;[21] Buckhorn;[22] Pinamint, Wyoming;[23] Nuggetville;[24] Mecca; Big Gap;[25] Devil's Horn;[26] Bullet Creek; Tumbleweed;[27] Taos, New Mexico;[28] Riata;[29] San Saba;[30] Jericho; Lava; New Hope;[31] Coppertown;[32] Railtown;[33] Red Valley; Laribee;[34] and Gunville.[35]

Sometimes, Cyclone has acted on his own to get his master out of trouble. When Two-Gun and his sidekick Rusty Randolph were trapped in the underground town of Hidden Valley City by a crazed hermit, Cyclone was able to track them and bite through their binds. When the hermit tried to flee them, Cyclone kicked him in the head, restoring the amnesia stricken hermit's lost memories.[17]


Cyclone was a very intelligent horse and well trained by the Two-Gun Kid. The horse understood basic commands and would come when whistled. The horse was intuitive enough to bring Two-Gun to safety in cases where he passed out from gun shot wounds or other serious injuries.

  • Originally, Cyclone was depicted as a white stallion in Two-Gun Kid #1, this changed in Two-Gun Kid #2 where Cyclone was depicted as a black horse. This was constant for every Two-Gun Kid story published between June 1948 to April 1958 when starting with Two-Gun Kid #41 where Cyclone is depicted as a white stallion again until his final appearance in Two-Gun Kid #59.

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