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The reluctant leader of the X-Men who shoots concussive blasts from his eyes, Scott Summers has been fighting for the peaceful coexistence of mutants and humans most of his life. Cyclops has been deputy leader of the X-Men since his teen years and has seen the team go through a myriad of changes. Briefly, with the founding members of X-Men, Scott joined X-Factor, but later returned to the X-Men. Marrying the clone of his long-time love, Jean Grey, Madelyne Pryor, Scott later had a son, who would grow-up to become Cable. After the death of his first wife, Scott married Jean, but after she later died again, he became romantically involved with former villain, Emma Frost. After the death of Jean, Scott and Emma co-lead the X-Men. A brilliant tactician, Scott eventually became a natural commander of all mutants left on the planet after M-Day, leading them through some of the hardest times in their lives. Since then, he slightly became a more radical leader, creating a X-Force assassins team.

During the Events of Avengers vs. X-Men, Scott, along with most of the X-Men, came into conflict with the Avengers when the Phoenix Force once again came to Earth. After being unintentionally possesed by the Phoenix Force, he ended up killing his mentor Charles Xavier. This lead many to turn him into a villain, despite the fact that he was under duress from the Phoenix Force, and even after all of the good he had done for mutants everywhere. He became the leader of the Mutant Revolution. After the release of the Terrigen mists, he became a martyr after Emma Frost telepathically tricked everyone into believing the Cyclops had started a war against the Inhumans, despite the fact that he had died before the incident due to Terrigen poisoning. Cyclops later resurfaced as part of the machinations of his son, Cable.

One of Cyclops' counterparts also exist on Earth-616: The Afro-American American Civil War hero Corporal Scott Summers.

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