Herr Cyclops was a Nazi spy who was active during World War II. He earned his nickname due to the fact that he was missing his right eye. In late 1945, he and a group of Nazi spies were operating out of Washington D.C.

He and his men were tasked with assassinating four members of the Women's Axillary Air Force, who were visiting from England to attend a special dinner at the White House. From their hideout at a local cemetery, they drove out to the Washington Hotel and drugged the girls with funerary reefs laced with drugs. The kidnapping attempt was witnessed by Miss America who attempted to stop it, but was knocked out.

The Cyclops took the girls back to the cemetery where he intended to burn them alive in an incinerator after he finished killing some of his men who failed to prevent Miss America's interference. However, before the Cyclops could send the women to their fate, Miss America came crashing in and freed them. During the course of the fight, Cyclops was knocked into the incinerator, ironically suffering the fate he had in store for his victims.[1]



The Cyclops used various firearms and a knife, and had access to knock out drugs.

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