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Created by the Butler, using Deadpool's healing factor to fuse mutant genes from X-Men onto North Korean prisoners to be used as superweapons for North Korea.[1]

With the help of Kim the Nightcrawler, Deadpool freed the mutates[2] and fought along with them against the North Korean army in order to rescue their families. "Cyclops" led the attack to the camp where the families were being kept by impersonating Deadpool and taking off his mask as soon as he was discovered as an impostor, creating a giant blast of energy. Later, Captain America helped them orient to get to China.[3]

After the health of the mutates worsened, Deadpool informed the X-Men about them, who to let them stay at the Jean Grey School, where they could be treated.[4] However, they were hunted down in the Danger Room by the X-Men, recently turned evil by an inversion spell, and were helped by the as-well-reversed Deadpool, now going as Zenpool.[5] They found a new home in the Monster Metropolis, the subterranean kingdom of Deadpool's wife Shiklah,[6] where they could be treated for their health.[7]



Optic Blast: He seemingly has those of Scott Summers. Cyclops possesses the Power to project a powerful beam of concussive, ruby-colored force from his eyes.

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