The Cyclops was the leader of the Sewer People, a group of hideously deformed humans that lived in the sewers of New York City during the 1940s. The Cyclops himself only a single large eye.

Those they did not murder in the streets, they took down into the sewers below and tortured. Their activities were a mystery to the surface world but grabbed the attention of the Vision. Appearing in New York, he came to the aid of a young woman being attacked by the Sewer People and was captured himself. Brought down into their lair, the Cyclops decided to torture him personally. Tied to a table, the Vision was to be tortured with a blow torch; however, the smoke from this torch allowed the Vision to transport himself between dimensions and appear behind the Cyclops.

Catching the Cyclops off guard, the Vision managed to close down the flood gates in the underground tunnels and begin filling the sewers with water. With his minions trapped, the Cyclops attempted to free himself but was beaten into unconsciousness by the Vision. With the Cyclops defeated, the Vision left the sewers, leaving the Sewer People to drown, ending their threat.[1]

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The Cyclops appears to be a skilled leader as he was able to lead the Sewer People.



The Cyclops was armed with a blow torch and a whip.

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