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Quote1 You don't get it, do you? Flesh and blood don't need a reason to be alive -- Machines are put together for a purpose! Ain't no rapture more ecstatic than a machine! Intelligence interface fulfilling its intended purpose! Quote2
Cylla Markham[src]


A professional pilot, Cylla Markham was hired by Banshee and Forge as they searched for their missing teammates from the X-Men in Cairo. Before they set off on her private plane, she handed Banshee a magazine with the supposedly missing Dazzler on the cover. They asked Cylla to continue without them as they wanted to investigate Dazzler's reappearance. However, as Cylla set off, her plane was shot out of the sky by Fenris and she was presumed dead by Banshee and Forge.[4]

However, Cylla just barely survived the explosion and was rushed to a hospital in Athens. Donald Pierce of the Reavers traveled to the hospital and invited Cylla to join his team of cyborgs. Wishing to be healed of her injuries and fly once more, Cylla agreed to undergo the procedure.[5]

The Reavers[]

Pierce brought Cylla back to Australia where he began enhancing her with cybernetic features. Lady Deathstrike asked Cylla if she was sure she wanted to become a cyborg and replace the original Skullbuster, to which Cylla replied, "For a chance to be complete again-- an' maybe a whole lot more-- I'll dance with the devil."[6]

When the Sentinels ambushed the Reavers' base in Australia, the fully upgraded Cylla rescued Lady Deathstrike from the attack. The two women managed to escape while the rest of the Reavers were killed.[7]

Thirty Slashes Over Tokyo[]

Later, Cylla's cybernetics shut down her consciousness to minimize her energy usage. Her consciousness reactivated when Silver Fox discovered Wolverine traveling to Tokyo. Cylla ambushed Wolverine, but the battle ended when Gambit and Sunfire rushed to Wolverine's aid. Cylla fled, but stalked him throughout Tokyo until she found his allies Jubilee and Yukio. Wolverine once again fought Cylla, though he managed to dodge her attack and send her hanging off the edge of a building. Jubilee and Yukio used a nearby power line to electrocute Cylla, knocking her off the building. Cylla, using her reserve power, limped away to safety.[8]


Cylla then recruited Bloodscream as an ally, and sought out Lady Deathstrike in Japan for assistance in killing Wolverine. However, Lady Deathstrike no longer wished death on Wolverine, so she rejected the duo's offer.[9] The pair tracked Wolverine to Alberta, but Cylla's energies were low. They found Wolverine, but she feared she would be too weak to face him. Suddenly, Bloodscream betrayed Cylla, draining her life essences and killing her so that he would have the power to fight Wolverine.[2]

Wolverine later encountered Cylla Markham in the afterlife. Cylla ambushed Wolverine alongside several other deceased villains, including Stryfe, Pyro, and Mastermind.[10]

Hunt for Wolverine[]

Cylla later returned under unknown circumstances alongside her fellow Reavers as they attempted to steal the body of Wolverine from its Adamantium cocoon. They discovered the cocoon empty after the body had been removed and buried elsewhere. Cylla and the Reavers were then apprehended by the X-Men and placed in the custody of Alpha Flight,[11] who transferred them to General Callahan and the O*N*E.[12]

As an independent mercenary and bodyguard, Cylla was hired by tech billionaire Hawthorne Rayn. His base was infiltrated by newcomer Escapade, who planned on stealing the onyx needle from Rayn. Cylla ambushed Escapade and nearly killed her, but Escapade used her mutant abilities of "trading circumstances" with Cylla to incapacitate the cyborg. Cylla then revealed the onyx needle had been sold in Madripoor.[1]

Cylla then attended the tryouts for Count Nefaria's Lethal Legion. There, she once again encountered Escapade, who had also participated in the tryouts under the codename BlasterDame. Cylla grew suspicious of BlasterDame, and soon recognized her voice from their previous battle.[13]


Power Grid[14]
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Cylla possesses various superhuman attributes as a result of allowing herself to be transformed into a cyborg.

  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Speed
  • Superhuman Agility
  • Superhuman Reflexes
  • Cybernetic Healing Factor
  • Cyberpathy



  • Molybdenum Steel Claws: Cylla possesses a pair of retractable steel claws on her wrists.

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