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A pessimistic lawyer. She was hired by J. Jonah Jameson to aid Robbie Robertson who offered himself as a witness against Tombstone, who had committed a murder years ago that Robertson decided to conceal.

Cynthia, along with J.J.J. and Robbie's son Randy, were shocked though when Robbie announced he didn't want a trial and told Bernhammer to pleaded guilty at the arraignment. Cynthia sadly agreed.[1]

The court trial ended with Robbie being found guilty of misprision of a felony. Despite Bernhammer's protests, the judge reconvened the court for sentencing on Monday, claiming the severity of the case warranted this haste. Cynthia later joined friends and family of Robbie's at the Robertson house. A few days later, Robbie Robertson was sentenced to the federal penitentiary at Lewisburg for 36 months. He found his cell right next to Tombstone's.[2]

At some point Tombstone staged a prison break taking Robbie with him. After hiding for some time, Joe was able to find his way back to civilization and turned himself in. He then call Cynthia for further legal counseling.

While on a train headed for Philadelphia with Martha, Randy and Amanda Robertson, as well as Joy Mercado and Peter Parker, Spider-Man's old foe the Grizzly attacked, ready to prove himself against the wall-crawler. Spidey and Grizzly fought until Grizzly believed he drowned Spider-Man and left. Soon they party arrived at Philadelphia briefly reuniting with Robbie.[3]

Cynthia stood by Joe during the appeal of his sentence, which was complicated by the fact that he unwillingly participated in a prison breakout organized by Tombstone. In the end Robertson was given a presidential pardon -- thanks to White House advisor Stuart McPhee.[4]

During that time Cynthia started dating Nick Katzenberg, a lowlife paparazzo.

Soon after Robbie's pardon the welcome home party was attacked by the Hobgoblin who was sent to kill Robertson by Hammerhead. Spider-Man and Puma fought the demonic mercenary. In the end, both heroes and Joe were saved by Tombstone who fired two timed sniper shots. Hobgoblin made a hasty retreat.[5]

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