Cynthia was a nine-year-old tomboy from Citrusville, Florida, Cynthia admired Iron Man; thus, she obtained a costume similar to Iron Man Armor MK IV, which he sported at that time, and played with her friends Sanford and Boyd pretending to be "Iron Girl." Sanford happened to own the Molecule Man's Wand (which he was given by the Thing) after the apparent death of Owen Reece, the original Molecule Man. During a game, the wand fell in the Man-Thing's Swamp, especifically in a mutagenic area that had created the Glob. When Cynthia grabbed the wand, she drowned there only to come back sharing her body and mind with the Molecule Man, which turned her into the Molecule Person. Iron Man and the Man-Thing succeeded in making her drop the wand, turning her back into a little girl.[2]

Powers and Abilities


As the Molecule Person, she had the powers of the Molecule Man for a while


Double personality, she could fight the Molecule Man's essence in her mind.



Molecule Man's Wand

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