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This construct modeled after the late Cynthia von Doom was created by Mephisto with the purpose to torment her son Victor, whose quest for redemption Mephisto objected to. In addition to making her think she was the real Cynthia,[1] Mephisto made the simulacrum believe she had been secretly alive all the years after her supposed passing, but had remained in the shadows observing Victor's activities with the help of Mister Fantastic,[2] who was actually Mephisto in disguise.[1]

After bringing Cynthia's attention to Victor's heroic endeavours as the new Iron Man,[3] Mephisto had the construct travel to Latveria to confront The Thing, who was following Victor's trail.[4] When Iron Man travelled to Latveria and came across The Thing in Castle Doom, Cynthia revealed herself to him.[5] Victor attacked Cynthia despite her attempts to convince him she was his mother, forcing her to teleport away and promise to continue talking when he was more inclined to do so.[2]

Despite "Reed"'s insistence that Cynthia refrained from visiting Victor again,[6] she intervened after he was captured by S.H.I.E.L.D., and took him to her lair in the Tear.[7] Their subsequent bonding moment was interrupted by the arrival of "Reed," whose presence prompted Victor to return to Earth.[8]

The simulacrum of Cynthia was seemingly destroyed following Mephisto's subsequent defeat at the hands of Iron Man.[1]

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