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The Death Ninja came to the Cypress Hills Cemetery looking for the Ghost Rider.[1]

The Nightstalkers and their allies were later attacked in the cemetery by Zarathos and his Fallen.[2]
They managed to kidnap the Caretaker and allied with the Patriarch.[3]
Doctor Strange and Seer later found the Caretaker in the Cypress Hills Cemetery and brought him to the Night Club.[4]
Salome then appeared in the Cypress Hills Cemetery.[5]

In the Cypress Hills Cemetery, Spider-Man freed Glory Grant from Calypso's possession, restoring her spirit to her body. Once resurrected, Calypso made her escape. Spider-Man then took the Amulet of Damballah and gave it back to the Zombie to calm him down. Content, the Zombie ceased his violent action and left.[6]

A while later, the grave of Dr. Octopus was stolen in broad daylight by the True Believers.[7]

Some time later, Spider-Man met here Arthur Stacy and Detective Snipes.[8]
A while later, the spirit Ghost Rider was reborn again in the Cypress Hills Cemetery.[9]
A short time later, low-level goons in the Fortunato crime family, Mutt and T-Bone, were sent by Jimmy-6 to Cypress Hills Cemetery to retrieve a chest.[10]

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