D'Keth, son of D'Kath, was a member of the Weather Council, an advisory body who counsel the entire Shi'ar.[1]

He was the one who advised the idea of wiping the Grey Genome by having the Death Commandos slaughtering the Grey family.[1]

Aboard the Lilandra, he tracked the renegade Deathbird, and joined with the X-Men.[1]

Along with them, he entered the Providian Order Acanti vessel. Teaming up with Rachel Summers (only survivor of the Death Commandos massacre), her animosity towards him grew until he revealed his role in the slaughter. He was attacked by Rachel but the fight was over in the instant, as the Providian Order minions irrupted.[1]

Unarmed, D'Keth was soon overwhelmed by minions, shouting for help from Rachel who let him to his fate. He was saved by the intervention of M. Once the minions' corpses were examined, D'Keth was able to recognize on them the sigil of the Providian Order.[2]

Visiting the lab where Deathbird had been experimented on, D'Keth provided the little information he had on the Providian Order. After having found recordings proving that S.W.O.R.D. agent Manifold Tyger was part of the Order and Deathbird had went there for revenge towards him, the team then returned to the Peak, bursting in time to stop Deathbird from executing Manifold. As he was arrested by the Shi'ar guards, a whole army of Broodskrulls minions besieged the Peak.[3]

As the X-Men left to fight the Broodkskrulls, Deathbird anyhow slaughtered Manifold in front of D'Keth and Agent Brand. They were soon surrounded by the Broodskrulls and brought to Sharada Darthri. Once there, the X-Men managed to fight back, D'Keth sacrificing himself to protect Jubilee from the "Super-Broodskrulls". He was himself saved by Rachel.[4]

D'Keth intended to reward Rachel for having forfeited vengeance towards him, putting him in debt for her. As he offered her the medal of the Order of K'Thari, she rejected the distinction, and as he asked for a way to redeem himself, instead showed him her memories of the Death Commandos massacre.[4]



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