D'arun was a a member of the Wakandan Air Force. He was quickly promoted as a officer training and flight school, and later to captain, and also worked as a test pilot.

At some point, he was injured in a crash and took medical retirement, and receive a consequent severance. At the age of 31, he left Wakanda for the USA, faking to be Sudanese and calling himself Darius Arun.

Two years later, Shuri, the Black Panther, folloedw a terrorist trail who bring her to his flat. Sensing Shuri's presence, D'arun tried to leave but was stopped. Faking to be unaware of the reason of the agression, he quickly revealed his true nature, being a member of the conservative/xenophobic group called the Desturi.

He then tried to kill the Panther, using the bomb he had already on him, but only managed to blow the entire building and wound Shuri.


D'arun was specialized in weapons systems.



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