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The D'bari were a peaceful, long-lived race that lived on D'bari IV, a planet within the Shi'ar Empire's sphere of influence.

The D'Bari were driven to the brink of extinction when the Phoenix consumed their sun, destroying D'bari IV, and killing all of the planet's inhabitants.[2] The few surviving D'bari soon developed a hatred of humanity.[1]

Alternate Realities[]


The D'bari were a race part of the Shi'ar Empire. Their planetary system was inevitably destroyed by Jean Grey possessed by the Phoenix Force,[3] but thankfully their species lived on in other parts of the Shi'ar Empire.[4]


A group of D'bari were exterminated by the hero Captain Spectrum while accompanied by his sidekick Sam Alexander.[5]


The D'bari's planet was destroyed by the Phoenix, leaving only their leader Vuk and a few D'bari alive. Wanting to avenge their people the D'bari went to Earth to kill Jean, but were prevented by the X-Men and eventually killed by the Phoenix.[6]


Level of Technology

Advanced: Jornik utilized a D'baaran Image Inducer.[7]

Cultural Traits

The D'bari were originally a peaceful civilization,[8] but following their destruction they develop hatred to both the Phoenix and humanity.[1]


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