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The Emperor of the Shi'ar Empire, D’Ken roamed the Cosmos and searched for The M'kraan Crystal, which he believed that its power would make him a God. His sister, Lilandra, came to Charles Xavier and hoped that he and his X-Men could help. After the Phoenix, the guardian of the Crystal consumed Jean Grey, The X-Men constantly battled the Sh'iar, and hoped to keep him away from the Crystal.[1]

After the space pirate Corsair, stole the Crystal, he offered it to D'ken for a price. He kidnapped Cyclops, and told him to kill D'ken with a shot from his optic visor at the time of the trade. Unfortunately, D'ken saw through his plan and had a shapeshifter take his place and he gained the Crystal's powers.[2]

After he caused a mass-scale panic on Earth, D'ken was stopped by The Phoenix, who contained him in his own universe.[3]

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Seemingly those of the D'ken Neramani of Earth-616.

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