D-3X worked as a Gatherer for the Collector. After the escape of two specimens, Rocket Raccoon and Howard the Duck, their two female clones that had been created for reproductive purposes, Shocket and Linda, were put under D-3X's custody until the escapees were retrieved.

Over the course of six months, D-3X grew fond of the children, and he was even perceived as a father figure by them. Because Shocket's and Linda's potential mates hadn't been recovered, the two clones were to be put in cryogenic stasis. D-3X rebelled against the Collector's mandate and escaped along with the kids. Three months later, D-3X, Shocket and Linda arrived to the planet Souqlon and, with the help of a rebel Space Phantom known as Multo, they escaped to the furthest they could go into the past, twenty-five years.

Twenty years after their arrival to the past, the three fugitives became smugglers. While they were conducting business, one of their clients recognized D-3X as the person who had kidnapped their parents, unaware that it had actually been his past/present self, and blasted him with a gun. Shocket, Linda and D-3X escaped from their attackers, but D-3X's wounds were fatal, and he died subsequently in Shocket's arms.[1]

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