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D-Lite was a drug created by the demon D'Spayre. It is described as, "a hybrid of heroin and crack." Dr. Simon Marshall experimented on runaway teenagers in hopes of improving the drug. Two of his subjects were Tyrone Johnson and Tandy Bowen. A side effect of the drug was the manifestation of their superhuman abilities as Cloak and Dagger.[1]

Another of his subjects was a man who would go on to become Mister Negative.[2]

"Mister Negative"

D-Lite has a 'high' which is also described as "tenuous" with increasing use. D-lite has an added effect, for the designer. As the demon D'Spayre feeds off despair and suffering in humans, he literally feeds off the effects humans receive from D-Lite. He describes the feeling as "tasty", and in particularly young addicts as "far tastier than most". D'Spayre also gains strength from this. The "high" experienced by humans is diluted with increased use. Overdosing is described as "inevitable" and deprivation leads to "just as painful a death".[3]

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