Quote1.png You've stolen my body, my house, my friends... my universe. I want them back. Quote2.png
-- Dr. Strange

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  • Orb containing the Amalgam Universe

Synopsis for "Savior"

The story opens at the window of Stephen Strange's Mansion. Access briefly introduces himself and explains that his job is to keep the universes separate. But right now, this is not working out. The next scene reveals that Access is standing in the middle of a crowded room. With him are Dr. Strange, the X-Men (Bishop, Cannonball, Cyclops, Iceman, Jubilee, Phoenix, and Storm), and the Justice League of America (Aquaman, Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Superman, and Wonder Woman).

The situation is tense. Batman is lying on the floor and Bishop has pulled a gun on him. Superman commands Bishop to let Batman go, though Bishop is in no mood to listen. Bishop wants to find out who the strangers are. Access intervenes and tells everyone to stay calm, assuring them that they are all on the same side. Cyclops attempts to prevent a fight and and tells Bishop to turn Batman loose. Bishop turns to his leader to protest, pointing out that they should not give up their only tactical advantage. With Bishop distracted, Batman finds the opportunity to lift his leg and kick him.

Batman's move is interpreted as a signal for a fight. Access tries in vain to prevent it. Meanwhile, Dr. Strange raises his hands to his own head and says that he is feeling something. He is clearly not feeling right. The fight soon begins with each X-Man and Justice Leaguer picking up an opponent. Wonder Woman faces Storm, Phoenix attacks Superman, Cyclops tries to blast Flash (who easily evades the attack), Aquaman faces Cannonball, Green Lantern attacks Iceman, and Bishop attacks Martian Manhunter. Only Batman and Jubilee fail to join the fight.

Storm evades the initial attack of Wonder Women and does not counterattack. She points out that she does not want to fight Wonder Woman. Iceman uses an ice shield to block the initial attack of Green Lantern, while the Lantern asks if his opponent is called "Frosty" or "Iceman". Cannonball punches Aquaman and threatens to put Aquaman's hook somewher his opponent would not like. Bishop punches Martian Manhunter. He has noticed the alien appearance of his opponent and speculates that the Manhunter is a fellow mutant. He proclaims, however, that this makes no real difference to him.

Access asks Strange to help stop the fight. But Strange is still not feeling right. He says that he feels something to get out. He then passes out. Access eases Strange's unconscious body to the floor. No one else is paying attention to the scene. Elsewhere, Flash picks up Jubilee in his arms. He wonders what kind of team would bring a teenaged girl into a battle, and tries to remove her from danger. Jubilee finds his misplaced chivalry to be insulting. She uses her light powers to daze the "jerk" (as she calls him), and asks whether it occurred to him that she brought her teammates there. The dazed Flash drops her to the floor.

Meanwhile, Cannonball keeps fighting Aquaman. He complains that the closed room environment does not allow him to maneuver. He grabs Aquaman and starts leaving the building, attempting to take their fight outside. As they break a window and fight in the street, a woman screams. Access recognizes the voice, she is his old girlfriend Ming Kuo-Fan. He realizes that Strange's Mansion is right across the street from her parents' restaurant. Fearing that Ming is about to get hurt, Access decides to protect her.

Access teleports from inside the Mansion to Ming's side. She is observing the fight between Aquaman and Cannonball, with Aquaman having the upper hand. Access asks Ming to come with him, explaining that they have to get her out of here. She recognizes Axel and asks him about the strange clothes he is wearing. She does follow him away from the combatants. But she soon stops and asks Access to explain what is going on.

Access starts trying to explain. He first asks asks whether Ming has heard of heroes like Spider-Man and Daredevil, either from the Daily Bugle or from television. He then points her to the "spooky mansion" across the street and explain there are about a dozen heroes inside. But they are currently beating each other, and if he fails to stop these incredibly powerful people this place is going to become a war zone. But that is not even the greatest threat, there is another on a much larger scale. He then tells Ming that he can't tell her anything more. He just asks her to get away from the battle.

Ming replies that she has realized that Axel is somehow involved in this case. She asks him why he does not try to escape the danger with her. He replies he can not, as his presence is needed. He sends her away. Before leaving, an exasperated Ming says that she will never understand him. Access thinks to himself that this is probably the end of their relationship.

The battle continued as Access and Ming were speaking. Instances seen are Cannonball counter-attacking and leading Aquaman back inside the Mansion, Storm using lightning strikes to keep Wonder Woman away from her, Batman keeping Cyclops in a stranglehold, Superman trying and failing to break through Phoenix's psionic shield, Iceman freezing the hand and ring of Green Lantern, and Martian Manhunter still fighting Bishop.

After Access and Ming part ways, the scene shifts to the battle. Bishop intervenes in the battle of Green Lantern and Iceman. He absorbs energy from the Lantern's ring and redirects it, right back to the Lantern. He then instructs Iceman to go after the Lantern and make sure their opponent is down. Iceman agrees and leaves. Bishop states his intention to help Storm next, but Flash turns his attention to him. Flash atacks.

Elsewhere, the fight between Storm and Wonder Woman is causing structural damage to the Mansion. They both find themselves suddenly falling outside. Cyclops has managed to get the upper hand in his fight with Batman and blasts him away. He starts trying to negotiate with Batman, telling him to convince his "friends" to end the brawl. Cyclops still suspects there is a greater threat and says they might need to start working together. He has no time to say more, as the Martian Manhunter grabs him from behind.

Sensing Cyclops is in danger, Phoenix turns around to locate him. Superman takes advantage of her distraction to grab her hand. Meanwhile, Jubilee is tending to the still unconscious Dr. Strange. She notices Access standing behind her and asks whether Axel still thinks that Strange is behind it all. She points out that Strange does not look very dangerous at this point.

Cannonball is still trying to knock out Aquaman. He assures his opponent that the X-Men are not killers, the Leaguers will eventually wake up with a headache. Green Lantern approaches them and tries to help Aquaman. But Iceman has reached his former opponent again and re-engages him. He threatens that Green Lantern is about to experience "an ice age". Green Lantern is not impressed. He claims to see no ice, only water. The energy from his ring melts the ice and the resulting water revitalizes Aquaman. He starts a counter-attack against Cannonball.

Jubilee is trying to understand why Dr. Strange collapsed. She points that there seems to be no obvious reason. Elsewhere, Storm and Wonder Woman keep falling. Storm no longer knows where she is, does not know which is up or down, and has lost her sense of balance. Wonder Woman is in full control of her faculties and offers to help Storm. Storm gladly accepts the rescue but wonders about her opponent's reasons. Wonder Woman points that their battle was forced upon them by circumstances, and she sees no reason they can't choose to be friends.

Phoenix is still trying to escape Superman. She explains that the man she wants to help, Cyclops, is her husband. However, her senses soon alert her that there is something wrong going on. Access and Jubilee notice a light coming out of Strange's head. The light soon covers Strange's entire body and the resulting glow lights up the room. Everyone stops fighting and turns to look at what is going on. Strange seems to be transforming. Access alone recognizes who is now in the room with them: Dr. Strangefate, the most powerful being of the Amalgam universe.

Access figures out what is going on with Strange and Strangefate. Strangefate had been hiding in Strange's subconscious mind. He manipulated Strange to shift people from one universe to the other. He was paving the way for the return of the Amalgam universe. Cyclops asks where is Dr. Strange. Strangefate answers that Strange is gone, and they and their universes will soon follow him. Phoenix approaches Cyclops and explains what she figured out. Strangefate was indeed part of Strange's mind, but he somehow managed to escape detection from telepaths like herself. Cyclops wonders whether Strangefate is powerful enough to merge universes, and Access confirms that his old foe is capable of almost anything.

Various X-Men and Leaguers approach Strangefate and try to find out who he is. Iceman thinks he looks like Dr. Strange, while Aquaman counters that he looks more like Dr. Fate. They are all too startled to do anything about the stranger. Strangefate starts speaking. He explains that he once failed to preserve his universe, but he now orchestrates its rebirth. He had managed to survive his universe's demise by clinging to a shadow existence within Strange. He was slowly gathering strength and waiting for an opportunity to banish Strange and take physical form. He now has enough power to reshape this entire world. He starts by reshaping Strange's Sanctum to his own Strangefate's Sanctum.

Storm and Wonder Woman decide to team-up and attack Strangefate. He is not impressed by his inferior opponents, who he sees as "building blocks". He uses his mystic powers to merge the two, creating a version of Amalgam's heroine Amazon. Superman asks where is "Diana" and Bishop asks where is "Ororo". Strangefate replies that the two women exist no longer in the forms familiar to their teammates. He explains who Amazon is, but points that this version is not the independent heroine that she was. She is instead an obedient servant of his.

Superman takes the initiative to lead the charge of the heroes against Strangefate, with Bishop right behind him. Amazons stands in their way and prevents them from approaching her master. Strangefate is still not impressed with the opposition. He points that the present people do not allow him to recreate other heroes from his universe. But he can still create new ones, and his campaign needs "soldiers". Superman and Bishop are merged into a single being. Strangefate then merges the rest of the present heroes. Jubilee is merged with Batman, Cyclops with Green Lantern, Phoenix with the Martian Manhunter, Cannonball with the Flash, and Iceman with Aquaman.

Srangefate instructs his new agents to capture Access. Amazon and the Superman-Bishop grab Access, but he teleports away. Access tries to locate Dr. Strange and teleports to the location he senses Strange is. He finds himself in another dimension where nothing seems to make sense. Access' thoughts reveal that he figured out that Strange is still alive because Strangefate said he only "banished" his counterpart, not that he killed him. Access figures that Strange is the only person who could defeat Strangefate. He still does not see Strange, but he thinks that he learned something new about his teleportation powers. He is not limited to shifting between two universes, he can teleport anywhere.

Access thinks the dimension seems strange but relatively harmless. At this moment a strange creature arrives and attacks him. He manages to teleport it away. A voice observes that the creature was one of the Mindless Ones. Access turns and sees the astral form of Dr. Strange. It seems trapped in vines. Strange explains that Strangefate has imprisoned his astral form, and he is constantly phasing through numerous dimensions. Strangefate has taken over his body. Strangefate continues by explaining that the constant shifting leaves him unable to orchestrate an escape.

Access observes that Strangefate is not trying to kill Strange and wonders why. Strange replies that Strangefate does not dare to kill a component of himself, probably in fear that Strange's death could destroy him. Access attempts to free Strange's astral form but the vines are too sturdy. Strange figures that Access can't help him and asks him to teleport another mystic to do the job. He suggests Michael Twoyoungmen, but Access claims he does not need help. He teleports inside Strange's prison, approaches the astral form, and they teleport out together.

They teleport right into Strangefate's Sanctum. Strange proclaims that Strangefate has stolen his body, his house, his friends, and his universe. And he wants all of them back. Strangefate tries to have his agents stop Strange, but they can not touch the transparent form of Strange. The two sorcerers engage in fight with each other. Strangefate proclaims himself to be twice the mystic Strange is, but Strange replies that his opponent is a sham who has no place in this reality. Strangefate answers that he is only trying to recreate his own universe, and trying to restore life to an entire universe is not a crime. Strange points out that the price would be the elimination of two universes and that is a crime.

Strange manages to merge his astral form with Strangefate's body. Strangefate has lost the fight. A desperate Strangefate says that he only wanted to live. He asks Strange to spare him and his universe. Strange listens to him and recreates the Amalgam universe. Strangefate is next depicted standing alongside Amazon, Dark Claw, Doctor Doomsday, Spider-Boy, and Super-Soldier. Other Amalgam figures are depicted standing alongside them, but their forms are too distant to identify.

Strange points that Strangefate lives and so does the Amalgam universe, "complete in every way". But it is now completely contained in a single vessel. Its existence is genuine but it no longer poses a threat to other universes. Strange offers the vessel to Access for safekeeping. Access points that he is a still a rookie and this may be too much responsibility for him. He offers the vessel back to Strange, but Strange points out that this belongs to Access alone. The vessel vanishes, contained within Access.

With Strangefate gone, his creations are undone. The Justice League and the X-Men are restored. Batman points out that Strange is their savior and that they are all in his debt. Strange replies that he could not have done without Access. Access points out that he had help from both universes and that it is a lot easier when the heroes work together. Superman and Cyclops apologize for the actions of their respective teams and shake hands.

Access decides to return the Justice League to their own universe. He then returns to his girlfriend in their world, Caitlin Fitzgerald. There is snow around and Caitlin throws a snowball at him. She is happy to see him but wants to know where her boyfriend has been. They start playing in the snow. The story ends.


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