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Quote1.png Tadahhh! Superman saves the day again. I know he's only a cartoon here -- but mom says there's a whole other universe where he's real! Quote2.png
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The DC Universe is an alternate multiverse within the larger omniverse. Its primordial universe was briefly combined with the Earth-616 reality to form the Amalgam Universe. Citizens native to that reality sometimes refer to their primary universe as the "Earth-One", "New Earth", or "Prime Earth" universe.

The Avengers met a Squadron Supreme-like group called the Justice League of America from this universe during an adventure involving the Grandmaster.

It should not be confused with Earth-Crossover or Earth-74425, in which counterparts to both DC and 616 individuals coexist; with Earth-3839; or with Earth-9047, in which parodic counterparts to both DC and 616 individuals coexist apparently in different pocket dimensions.

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The planet Earth of this universe has the following characteristics:

Equatorial 12,756.270 km
Polar 12,713.500 km
Mean 12,745.591 km


Equatorial: 40,075.004 km
Meridional: 40,007.849 km
Mean: 40,041.455 km

Surface area:

Land: 148,939,063.133 km² (29.2 %)
Water: 361,126,221.569 km² (70.8 %)
Volume: 1.0832×1012 km
Mass: 5.9736×1024 kg
Density:5,515 kg/m³
Equatorial surface: 9.7801 m/s²
Gravity: (0.997 32 g)

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