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Synopsis for "Round Four"

Access retrieves the shards of reality he hid in Dark Claw and Super-Soldier and, with the help of the Spectre and the Living Tribunal, cleaves the Amalgam universe into its two original components. However, the two universes still overlap, and the Brothers decide to fight out their conflict themselves. As their cataclysmic battle threatens to end all existence, Access, Batman and Captain America decide to intervene. Their efforts are futile, and the Brothers obliterate the heroes. However, as they die, the Brothers manage to glimpse the individual histories of both Batman and Captain America. What they see inspires them, and reminds them of the beauty and courage of their creations. They decide to end their conflict and congratulate one another. With the battle ended, they convert the universes back to normal and undo all the damage they caused. All is well, but Access struggles with his knowledge of what has transpired. In order to remain true to his restless, inquisitive nature, he rejects his knowledge and journeys back into the unknown.

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