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Formerly Clinic for Paranormal Research, Wisconsin; Sheboygan, Wisconsin
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Teen gang formed of paranormals given powers by the White Event
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Sheboygan, Wisconsin
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The DDTeens were a gang of teenaged paranormals who were all patients at the Clinic for Paranormal Research, Wisconsin. Their leader, Scuzz apparently started the gang both because he resented the authority of adults and he liked having a gang to order around.

The DDTeens soon made their presence felt in the Clinic, frequently committing acts of vandalism and getting into fights. They clashed several times with the other special-interest group the Black Powers, which came to a head in a riot that involved all the Clinic's patients.

The DDTeens were indirectly responsible for the Clinic being shut down, when they were photographed by a reporter in the Clinic grounds using their paranormal powers. Before the police could arrive, they stole a car and left the Clinic, driving to the home of Scuzz's former therapy group member Stephanie Harrington. Steph put them up, but they soon made a nuisance of themselves, fighting and arguing, until her husband Chuck told them to leave. When the Harringtons went on the run to avoid being drafted by the Army, the DDTeens took over their house and car, and robbed supermarkets to survive. When a police car spotted them leaving the scene of one such robbery, a high-speed pursuit ensued and the DDTeens' car went off the road. Two of the teens - Annie Stevenson and Joel Larson - were killed, and the rest badly injured. This spelled the end of the gang, and Scuzz turned to the paranormal religion of White Eventists to deal with his guilt over the deaths of his friends.

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